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Conversation Between Nickasaur and Sighanide

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  1. I've played Fallout.

    Totally worth it.
  2. Thanks bro. I just killed Caesar in Fallout NV. Do you think it was worth it?
  3. Sakursa no pet na kanojo cx
  4. Thanks :3

    What anime is your Profile Pic from? (i think i recognize it, but i can't remember the name xP)
  5. The white text is what got me.

    I love battlefield xD. So I loved it. (laughed a lot)
  6. Thanks, did you find it funny at all?
  7. It looks great!!
  8. Wanna play a game together sometime?
    I filmed this video and edited it, watcha think?
    Like my fake lisp?
  9. Thanks :3
  10. I'm looking up to you c:
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