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Conversation Between Nickasaur and Sighanide

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  1. miss ya bro
  2. Uh, Hi, Do you ever go on here anymore, 'cuz I rarely see you on Steam, and it'd be fun to talk to you more

    I was shot in my right unmentionable about 6 hours ago in an airsoft match, and I still feel it. vividly. T_T

    I Know that was TMI, so I have no clue why I said it, I'm sorry if I ruined your day xD
  4. Someday, someday...
  5. I'm alive.
    But ill be back
  6. are you like, dead? *pokes with stick*
  7. remember 7:00 PM Pacific, so if you're on central that would be like 10:00, I think. I'm too lazy to do simple math xD
  8. you know if we could ever play a match of counter-strike together or something??
  9. It has it's up's and downs!

    It's a great anime so far. I love it, i'm watching 720p ( torrents ^^
  10. yup. watched that anime your profile pics from, its ongoing.
    interesting so far. started off funny, but then it was kind of sad, and now its funny again. xD
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