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Conversation Between Nickasaur and TadashiED

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  1. LOL. Yeahyeah when you get GW2 lemme know!
  2. Grades, I don't worry about them. Because i'm most likely retarded.

    Jaykay, i'm really smart ;=;. But I love gaming either way, when I get gw2 we'll play together xD
  3. I'm still into gaming! Been playing GW2 like I said. Plus, Halo4 and CoD Black Ops 2 is coming out over the next weeks. Bye bye good college grades xD
  4. IT WAS THE BEST.. Now i'm just into music, anime and Gaiaonline.
  5. Ahh I used to be a hardcore Gunz player but now I don't play and I'm not as good as I used to be. I just stick to dungeons now xD
    And hacking was so fun!!
  6. Gunzz i've played and got to max level. Then used cheats...
    >Then got my accounted hacked.
  7. Sounds fun. Counter Strike is a good game! Have you ever played Gunz or any other games?
  8. Fun D:! I' just playing Counter-Strike
  9. Yupyup!
    Right now I'm playing Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2
  10. Great! Any pc games:33!?
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