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Conversation Between redtear and The Nightingale

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  1. Are u still working 2 jobs? It's pretty much the same with me, work, anime, or video games. I really need to get out more. I really want to check out boston. I havent even gone there even though i've been here for like a year lol. Maybe u could recommend some places to visit in the new england area! Aw well this forum isnt that much more fun either lol i think it's pretty much dead.
  2. Work, work and more work. I was bored last night during my overnight, and forums are not as fun, so I decided to dust off my account here and see if I could get back into the groove. How are you? c:
  3. Hi what have u been up to?
  4. Hi c:
  5. Thank you so so so much!
  6. Happy Birthday!!!!
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