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Conversation Between redtear and Jenny14

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  1. He says he knows where he's going in life. His plan is to go into the army... That's why we would be going to Kentucky. We only met back in July... So it's been almost 6 months. His plans are to get engaged this month sometime.. He would leave for basic then we would get married in march so we can go live on base. You tell me, doesn't that seem a little quick to you? I'm leaving everything.. My family, my friends, my job... For him. And for him to say I'm not his life... What am I suppose to say or think. I don't wanna make the wrong decision. He really isn't as immature as he sounds. He's mature for being a 19 year old. It's crazy to think 3 months from now I could be married... It's been one hell of a night for me, another bad night but just gotta keep going I guess, wipe the tears and put a fake smile on. Have a good night
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. Especially the part about you crying. I hope your bf makes up for it. I feel we'll always make the people we love cry but what makes a real man is someone that can bring a smile on his girl's face and clear her head of any doubts. Well that would really be nice. Anyway, he sounds a lot like that stupid girl i dated -_-. When we were dating, to her i was her life....her everything. We were so close. But than later i couldn't tell u how many times i heard "oh you aren't my life" or "oh i'ts not ok to say i'm your everything" and all kinds of stuff. It's stupid. Makes me sick thinking about it. I think he is immature to be saying those things and more of a boy that just wants fun than a man that wants to shape his life with someone. Sorry if i'm being harsh here. I'm a little edgy since i've heard that so many times from that girl. You are right though to make those things your life. It's admirable. I hope your friends and sister keep supporting you.
  3. well my new years sucked butt. i went rollerskating without a date cause he was being a big baby.. soo dumb. i cried. but im over it now. im glad i have the friends and sister i do or i would be a complete mess. he said i wasnt "his life" cause he has other things to do. like wtf is that?? both him and my daughter are my life, what i do is for him and her. just plain rude if you ask me... dont you just love the drama?! lol my daughter managed to shove my new dvd in the vcr.. awesome right?! im exhausted. i wish i could go back to bed.
  4. An hour away isn't bad at all. It's almost like nothing. But i think the biggest thing isn't so much how often he comes to visit, but how that time goes when he is there. It shouldn't be well i'm here now what. I like how you think logically, but i guess u must have went through a lot to think that way so maybe it's also sad. But you're right, a nice gift is nice but the feelings behind it make it special. If it's getting a romantic gift for the sake of saying u did then not much there. Anyway, sometimes thinking to much sucks. I think you should just be careful and take time trusting completely before moving too much. Haha that's funny, just how much laundry could there be. It would have to be a years worth lol. I guess i'd be speechless thinking should i be mad cause of the horrible excuse or the not coming over part. I hope you had a good evening regardless with your daughter. Happy new year ^^ i hope this year works out for both u and me >_> lol.
  5. i can agree when you say love is blind. my boyfriend lives an hour from me as it is and he barely ever wants to come here for a few hours. he comes over after work and leaves in the morning. soo i mean i guess thats something but whatever right lol. he got me a promise ring for christmas but i dont really know how long its gonna last cause he always has something else he wants to do or somewhere else to go. like he wouldnt come over today cause he has to go do laundry. how dumb right? oh well. have a good new years! stay safe!
  6. Haha well a lot of guys and girls are like that. People now-a-days date casually than out of love. It's not something serious to most. I really do not like that since to me being with someone means love, commitment, sharing your life, being responsible for their life, and so on. Haha i know exactly how u feel. I'd drive 250 miles just to see her and solve problems at a moments notice and september i even -_-; spent $1200+ and flew there cause she wanted to "see" me. Love is really blind. At that time the person seems worth so much, but then u see how foolish u were. Yeah that must take away a lot of career chances u have. Well hang in there. Hard work is always rewarded somehow. Haha I dont want kids until maybe 10 years from now lol.
  7. i know how that is.. back a few years i "dated" a guy off this website. and he was a creeper and i should have known, now i just feel stupid.. all the stupid stuff i did for him is like.. ugh. lol. i wish i could go to college. i cant really do much of anything, i can barely leave the house without my daughter clinging to my leg or screaming for me. just wait till you have kids lol. speaking of kids.. she just woke up yaaay lol
  8. Wow i can image o_o It must be so hard everyday. I'm sure she will really appreciate everything you do for her when she's older ^^. I know what you mean, when u say everyone falls for anyone these days. I really don't that. I feel i understand since this girl i dated for 2.5+ years and we always talked about getting married. I thought for sure it would work but then she changed and -_-; then dated another guy for 6 months in secret. I did some ridiculous things for her. So that ended up being a mistake. So yep i don't want to rush ^^ i made one mistake, i don't want to do the same again. Haha i actually like Pennsylvania, it is A LOT better than Connecticut where i am right now ^^. And >.>; yes Pennsylvania >>>>> Kentucky T_T; lol. That sounds tough though. Regardless of any state, just move like that. I really hope that goes well. I went to college for well -_-; i got two degrees. One's premedicine (which is currently useless >_>; ) and the other in electrical engineering.
  9. im 20 now. i think everyone is trying to search, but people just fall for anyone now-a-days. heck, i did. and begged for a kid and i wish i wouldnt have. but i love her. but it makes things so much harder now for me and her dad. so dont rush it!! lol i am from pa, but im moving to kentucky with my current boyfriend in march i guess.. idk what he has planned. SOMETIME we're SUPPOSE to move to kentucky. so if you think theres nothing in pa.. just imagine kentucky. theres not as many KFC's as you think there would be.. lol what did you go to college for?
  10. OMG really!!!! That must be so much responsibility. I'm 25 T_T; and the idea of having kids is farrrr from my mind lol. Though the idea of finding and being with soulmate is something i've always chanced after ^^. Hahahaha the beach in october T_T; i bet it was. You're from pennsylvania right. I went to penn state ^^; so i've lived in state college, PA for 4 years. It was really fun regardless of it being in the middle of no where lol.
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