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Conversation Between redtear and Teagan

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  1. Awww that's sweet ^^ I miss talking to you!
  2. Love you~~

    Me! u.u
  3. Add me to Skype, if you would want to chat more! ;3

    Skype ID: Sukii.creemers
  4. I really miss u, I hope u're feeling better.
  5. Nu I know exactly what u mean >.>; it's one reason why im always so careful about watching romance animes. They -_-; really mess with you like that lol whether it's making u cry or picking the wrong girl/guy (which totally makes me want to throw my laptop against the wall haha).

    Aw well being a tomboy is cute :P. I tend to listen to all kinds of music also ^^ I'll like it if the lyrics are good. But normally it listen to pop, trance, rock, electric/dubstep ^^. I just listened to that song u mentioned and it's really good. That's an Australian band right? Are u from Australia ^^ if u don't mind me asking.

    Nu it's ok, I hope u're feeling better ^^.
  6. Me too, but alas I have watched many animes with a bad ending. The anime itself was like GREAT! But I hate becoming emotional when things don't last. D:

    Yup. :3 Omgosh, I kind of listen to all kinds of music, sometimes I'm a kind of tomboy one. Recently listening to Shooting Star by Bag Raiders.

    Sorry for not replying earlier, I was ill.
  7. My favorite action/horror are probably Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni and Mirai Nikki. Same with me ^^ i'll watch any anime as long as it ends well. While those that dont totally drive me crazy >.>; haha.
    Nu i love Miku >.>; she's my favorite vocaloid. U must be a vocaloid fan right? What're your favorite songs ^^.
  8. Aww, I feel you. ♥ Same with me, I love soft genre's but like action/horror as well. (As long as they have a good ending)
    Yesh, that is her. ^^
  9. Haha same with me ^^ I've watched like 240 animes. I'm trying to reach 300 >.>; lol. What are u watching right now? I really love your profile picture. It's miku hatsune right? She looks so pretty.
  10. I have watched A LOT! xD

    Nice to meet you too! ^^
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