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Conversation Between redtear and Crown Frill

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  1. Finn hat is so cute ^^ lol. Well u'll get to wear a hat everyday from today, im sure u must be excited :P. Hahahaha land of friend chicken and hillbillies T_T; first state that came to mind is kentucky >.>;.
  2. Well I'm wearing my Finn hat today. I'm from the Land of Fried chicken and Hillbillies. :'
  3. Well being lazy all summer doing nothing isnt so bad either lol. Anything beats having to study ^^. So what hat will u be wearing tomorrow? Btw, just where are u from if u dont mind telling me.
  4. Nope we never go anywhere :P but I think I get to wear my hat tomorrow! :c
  5. That would be so cool :P then u could make a youtube video with ALL those hats haha. Is friday when your summer break starts? Haha i guess u're planning on wearing a different hat everyday in the summer ^^ lol. Do u have any plans to go anywhere during your break?
  6. I'm looking forward to the day.... Well I don't get to wear them all day. But by Friday I can wear my hats every day. Just waiting for to school to get out.
  7. Haha that Finn hat is really cute ^^. Im sure your koala and other animal hats must be even cuter though T_T; lol. Do u wear a hat everyday? Maybe u might have a hat for everyday of the year soon lol.
  8. I have some newspaper boy hats a Finn hat from adventure time, a jake hat from adventure time, my animal hats, an owl and a koala, and a couple berets. it's still a growing collection.
  9. Professor Layton? I looked it up, he has a really long hat o_o; lol. So u like hats that long ^^. I wonder what it's like to wear it >.>; lol. What kind of hat do u have? I bet it's really cute :P.
  10. I do have one actually. My favorite is my Professor layton hat.
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