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  1. My aim any time I work is to make anyone feel good about purchasing clothes that they feel confident in. I still am a bit self conscious about my body and I feel more confident wearing something that will flatter my body type but not make me look like a prostitute. lol I do understand the concept of hunting for sport but it is not a sport I would ever participate in. I am quite content with my volleyball and badminton and snowboarding and longboarding. lol I watched a video on driving safe and it traumatized me to the point where I had a really terrible sleep. Some of the things that happened were pretty realistic because some of the events would occur if they were going that speed. Some of the things were kinda farfetched but it still had it's effect. It freaked me right out. When we went on the trail, we didn't really see anything interesting besides train tracks, trees, grass, animal poo and rocks. lol There was no nice waterfalls. :3
  2. It was actually close to 30 degrees this week and it went down to 0 the last couple days. It even snowed not too far from where I live. Crazy eh? It's pretty green here now. It's been raining every night and sunny throughout the day. We made sure not to track any caterpillars into the house. lol We would send our cows to pasture and we would breed some and we would sell some for meat. I don't know what they do at meat plants. I have never worked at one. lol I know my sister works at one and she enjoys herding the cows and stuff. I like eating healthy because of how it makes me feel as well as the effects it has on my budget. lol I also love to cook. I cook all the time or most of the time. I tend to go out maybe twice a month at the one job I work at and I guess it depends if I have visit or not. I usually eat out when I get visitors staying with me. I know at my one job, I work as a sales associate in a clothing store.
  3. Part 3: But the problem isn’t that T_T; it’s more about will u actually do that in that situations lol :P. Like I said ^^ it’s a very instant less than a second thing where only reflexes come into play over logic. To me ;_; that’s a very scary thought lol. Oh that sounds really cool ^^ what kind of things did u guys see on that trail? Did it lead anywhere like to a lake, waterfall, etc? Is it only a forest there or a mountain also.
  4. Part 2: I completely agree, I hate eating out also. It really isn’t good for u and i can always feel the difference. If only I could be as healthy as u though ^^ just how do u stay so consistent eating healthy? Do u do a lot of cooking? Aw that’s really sweet u feel that way. In what ways do u aim/want to help people? I don’t really see the point of hunting in general other than a pass time. But “a pass time” shouldn’t be something that hurts or kills other living beings. It seems extremely selfish and cruel. I think if I pulled the trigger to hurt something innocent, id probably lose a part of myself lol. Coyotes are the smallest animals around there haha that’s crazy! Oh >.>; id much rather prefer running over a coyote, deer, elk, etc over getting hit by a 100km/hr semi haha. Besides semi going 100 km/hr + u going 100 km/hr + opposite directions = 200 km/hr collision haha ;P.
  5. Part 1: Haha 1 degree is still really cold according to the standards here >.>;. But from what u guys have been through im sure it must be bliss :P. 10 degrees feels really great though ^^. When’s the last time u saw the green grass below all that snow lol. From the way your describing these caterpillars makes me wonder what stopped them from being all over the walls inside your house T_T; lol. Id be scared to sleep ;_; thinking I’ll wake up with one or 2 crawling on my face. Id totally let out my super girly scream out if that ever happened lol :P. Nu cattle farm ;_; poor cattle. So ud like send them off to be electrocuted/chopped up? lol. I’ve never seen one of those factories and I don’t think I could bring myself to see them either T_T;. I’ve been a vegetarian all my life so it’s easy for me to do it ^^ especially since u cant miss what u’ve never tried.
  6. That's exactly what my friends and I did. lol There was trails from other people quadding but we used trails that weren't used or used not that often. We basically followed the train tracks till we could park his truck and we walked the rest of the way. It was pretty nice because the weather was awesome. :3
  7. That's my personal reason as to why I don't ever want to hold or use a gun. I never had a personal experience with a gun because I refused to use one since I was little. The only small animal there is here is a coyote when you're driving on the highway and even those can cause damage to your vehicle if you hit them. If you try and swerve to miss the animal, there is a high chance you will get hit by another vehicle or even a semi. (It's like that here anyways. Tons of semis outside of this city) In the circumstance that I swerve and get hit by a car going 100km/hr or hit a coyote and cause minor damages at 100km/hr, unfortunately, against my nature, I would hit the coyote because then, I know that even though my car gets partially damaged, I walk away alive.
  8. It's gotten a lot warmer now. It maybe gets close to 1 degree in the morning and warms up to 10 degrees during the day. There's still snow sadly but it's going away slowly. I am sure we brought at least 10 into the house alone. And that's just me, that doesn't include my sister bringing some in either. lol Ah I see. I don't think I could go vegetarian. I grew up on a cattle farm. Almost impossible to be vegetarian. I almost could be though. I eat tons of fruits and veggies, lots of gluten free, tons of grain and tons of healthy foods. I don't like eating out often. I find it upsets my system and makes me sick. Not sure how much she used but she got rid of them all and there was quite a bit. I don't like holding or using guns because I find that I, myself as a person, I aim to help people. Personally, my hands aren't made to hold a weapon that is meant to harm or have intent to cause harm. That's why I don't go hunting.
  9. Part 3: This reminds me of this incident I had couple of months ago. I was driving my car on the highway 70 mph (~110 kph) and some small animal ran right in front of it at the last minute. And from reflex of just not wanting to kill something I immediately tried to miss it. But that almost made me lose control of my car. Like my car drifted a bit and everything haha it was scary >.>;. So yeah T_T; those slight moments of hesitation to not kill can really make a difference lol. When u said u go “exploring” I thought u go into the woods with no trail or anything haha u know like in discovery channel or in movies.
  10. Part 2: Haha they’d probably be ALL over your house by then. U’re mother must have had to use lots and lots of that powder to kill all of them. Well >_>; if u meet a bear or predator, u could always play it fair and use your insane martial arts skills instead haha but maybe that wouldn’t be playing it fair either :P. Yeah I know it’s more for security and personally I wouldn’t walk anywhere near the woods without at least a knife lol. I guess I wouldn’t mind learning to use a knife or a gun, but I really don’t think I could actually kill. I don’t think I want to. Whatever those personal reasons u have, it’s great u’re like that. I just hope they arent from some painful past experience. I know what u mean about survival. I would do the same. But I know there would also be a lot of hesitation, in which I hope it wouldn’t be enough to cost me my life haha.
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