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Conversation Between redtear and Otonashii

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  1. Otonashii T_T; Im so sorry. I've been meaning to wish u happy birthday but I just keep forgetting. Happy late bday Otonashii!! I hope u had a really great and of course really cute bday ^^.
  2. Yeaah Im a little bit of a crazy reader! I love reading and if I have the time ill burn through four books in a week -.- i sound so nerdy haha.. Though it also applies to manga.. Unless Im waiting for an update.. :/ hate that! Are you reading any manga now?
    Id love to travel after I finish school.. Maybe for a job or something though so it wont be so exspensive? And definitely with someone I love.. Its not any fun if you dont have anyone to enjoy things with.
    Once again, Im completely jealous that you have so much snow! Right now, its just cold here.. Ahh what I wouldnt do for a snow day..
    And youre very nice! I enjoy coming home and getting on the computer to reply to you.
  3. PART 2: I wonder if all that sand can mess up the car's engine >.>; i feel it cant be good thing at least lol. Yeah ^^ u just have to make sure u're able to breath through it so using the shirt and hunkering down might get u through it somehow. Though T_T; u would have the nice pleasure of having sand in places u didnt know u had places ^^ lol. Im so glad u like talking to me. I can tell u really are a sweet person, so that makes me happy lol.
  4. Awwww so even though it hurt way worse u didnt want to admit the pain. That is so funny ^^ well kind of cute lol if it was me >.>; id totally be crying a river bringing my parents hell :P lol. OMG u finished it in a night o_o; just how many hours is that. U must read really really fast >_>; my reading speed is horrible. Im quite embarressed by it actually <_<;. I really want to be like u and be able to read an entire book in a night....just T_T; i cant seem to read fast at all. But talking about this made me wonder just how horrible it must be to get stung by a tracker jackers >.>;. Same with me ^^ i really want to travel to all beautiful places in the world with the girl i love. It has to be with that girl or it wont be nearly as magical >.> yep lol. Haha well here it's all white right now T_T; seriously there are mountains of snow piles over 10 foot tall in some cases >_>; it's a site to see lol. Oh i see well at least u werent inside it ^^ im sure that must be scary.
  5. Oh ueah it hurt way worse! .. But I didnt want to admit it to my parents.. And yupp read the first book in one night! Hmm I like more of a breeze than wind. But it could be romantic.. Maybe youre not so hopeless after all? Haha yeah I like mountains and just GREEN in general.. Its so BROWN here! The biggest sandstorm I saw was from a distance and I was in the car so its really hard to say how big it was.. Not HUGE but still fairly scary. Yeah if you guarded your face and hunkered down it might not be so bad.
    I really like talking to you too!
  6. PART 2: How huge was that sandstorm u saw ^^. Were u at home then? Haha yeah T_T; if i were in middle of a dessert and there was a huge sandstorm maybe best u can do is take off your shirt and cover your face and brace yourself lol. Im glad i havent ^^ i really do like talking to u a lot lol.
  7. Haha so u left it in cause it would hurt to pull it out T_T; but i would think it must have hurt so much more walking around with it lol. I guess not so much as i would think. Talking about bees reminds me of Tracker jackers in hunger games ^^. Have u read that series?
    OMG u hate wind T_T;. I love the wind (except when it's cold T_T; cause then i just freeze lol). But when it's that right temperature, i love walking in the wind ^^ it feels so nice and could even be romantic under some situations T_T; lol (yeah im a hopeless romantic >.>; lol). I see so Colorado, so do u like mountains then ^^. I havent been to many mountains but i feel living on a mountain looks so peaceful. Id love to visit and live in a cabin for a small vacation there. Im sure they must hurt your eyes a lot. I have gotten a little sand in my eyes before and that was too much, so i could only imagine trying to keep them open during sandstorms.
  8. Well.. Lets just say I was a stubborn little kid.. And it hurt alot to try to pull it out.. Sooo... Yeah haha it came out on its own sooner or later!
    Personally I LOVE cold weather I just hate wind.. So if I could move somewhere I might pick Colorado. The sandstorms arent usually dangerous so walk in but you wont be able to see anything at all and it would probably hurt your eyes. Driving is another story.. If youre somewhere where there arent any buildings and its just dirt then you cant really drive around at all. Hmm If I saw a huge sandstorm.. i guess you cant really run away.. I dont know what Id do!
    And I promise you havent bored me at all!
  9. PART 2: Im sure it is nasty T_T; tasting dirt....u dont know where it's been either lol. Eyes would be the worst, u wouldnt be able to see where u're going or anything. Yeah i guess u're right. I just feel it's nice getting closer to kind people so i tend to write too much lol. Aw please dont worry about that. I dont mind a reply with few sentances, if anything i just worry if i were boring u or something lol.
  10. Haha i know >.>; id jump up instanly screamly bloodly murder. OMG T_T;....that is a little funny lol nuuuu i shouldnt laugh but it's kind of cute lol getting stung cause u stepped on a dead bee >.>; guess bee got last laugh in with that ^^ lol what bad lucky though T_T;. That must have hurt so much walking around with a stinger stuck, why weren't u able to remove it?

    Yeah ^^ snow that's freshly fallen always looks so nice. It's so soft and pretty that u just want to fall in it lol. Still i prefer the warm florida weather T_T;. I bet it's so nice there right now. If u could choose any state to live in what state would u choose ^^. Not huge ones as in u could walk outside safely lol or would u still have to make a run for indoors lol. I wonder what would happen is u're in the middle of dessert and a huge sand storm is coming your way lol. Looking at some of these pictures that would be so scary lol.
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