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  1. You're right about Another. It's nothing like Mirai Nikki other then both being horror. I've compared both also but only because they were both horror and came out around the same time. Otherwise story wise it's nothing alike. Another is ok overall. The story isnt very deep (not nearly as good as Mirai Nikki), but it's a nice short anime to watch. Have you watched Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. That anime is also horror and it's story is a masterpiece ^^ it's much better than Mirai Nikki. If u havent watched it and like horror animes id recommend it.
  2. Haha of course, u aren't "allowed" to know to know the password T_T;. Would it really kill them to tell u lol. It's times like that where im always like >.> if only i knew how to hack lol. At least u found a nice way around it though ^^.
    Hmmmm hard to hear customers or risk getting shot T_T;....i will choose the first :P lol. Im sure the area is probably safe ^^. Canada doesn't get nearly as much crime as America. What part of Canada do u live in. Haha well i got used to reading backwards so it just feels normal. But i dont read mangas usually since i dont like to read T_T and also anime is animated with wounds and background music to really get u into moments and so it's just much better seeing it animated then in comic form. With many fight scenes in manga T_T i could barely even tell what's going on.
  3. Well I actually don't get wifi at my work, they do have wifi because its also part of an office building and a call center, but the gas bar isn't allowed to know the password ;_; so I just download animes at home and then watch them at work with the magic of a flash drive! woo technology! I do work behind a glass which in some cases is really great, but most of the time its really hard to hear the customers. I have just started reading the manga actually, I don't normally read manga as well as I tend to get frustrated with the whole lets read backwards thing but for once I actually felt the need to read the manga. Who is your favorite character in Mirai Nikki? I also just downloaded an anime called Another I heard it is in some ways similar to Mirai Nikki which I doubt after reading the synopsis but who knows.
  4. lol that's nice ^^ also u guys must have wifi there which is really good T_T; cause i dont know many gas stations with wifi lol. Yepp Mirai Nikki's story is very awesome ^^. U dont get many animes with stories like that. It kept u guessing. Have u looked at the manga? It continues on a little bit from where anime ends. It's just maybe 2 extra pages but that ending is nice and shows what happens right after.
    So you must have to work behind a glass or something. Well that's nice for a girl especially but still T_T; i would be so scared. Do u have any interesting stories.
  5. Yeah I bring my laptop to work with me, I actually just finished Mirai Nikki, and it has to be one of my favorites! sometimes creepy people will appear and all I gotta do is lock my door
  6. haha i guess cuteness can make up for yuri. I just watched Rozen Maiden. It isnt yuri but it is very cute lol. I really liked it because of that ^^. I dont think i have ever watched yuri anime though. So do u take your laptop with u lol. Well best kind of job is kind were u dont have to interact with others and have time for yourself so i cant argue your reasoning ^^ lol. I just hope there aren't any creepy people that show up from time to time T_T;. Sword Art Online and Mirai Nikki....that is a very tough choice but i will choose Mirai Nikki lol. What episode of Mirai Nikki are u on? I really like that anime ^^ it's story is awesome.
  7. hehe, Yuru Yuri isn't a full on Yuri anime though it has some really cute elements, I love working overnights because I get to do whatever I want, I work in a gas station, not glamorous or anything but still pretty decent, I can't remember what episode I am on with sword art, I think I got to the second episode then I started watching Mirai Nikki
  8. OMG working a night shift must be so hard but being able to watch anime more than makes up for it lol. That is so awesome T_T my job on the other hand totally sucks >_>. What kind of job do u have ^^. I know, higurashi was so awesome ^^ story was so epic. I have never watched those animes u listed T_T; but i am surprised u're watching a yuri anime ^^ lol. Sword art online is really good ^^. What episode are u on. Right now im watching Fairy Tail, Magi, Soul Eater, and Ergo Proxy.
  9. I love Higurashi, and I just finished Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Yuru Yuri, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and I am starting to watch sword art online, I work a lot of over nights so I watch a lot of animes for 8 hour shifts
  10. Haha i never really got into slice of life animes ^^;. I tend to like animes with action though i always look for an anime with a good story that makes u think on many levels....something like steins;gate if you have watched it. Some of my other favorites are Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Clannad, Gurren Lagann, and so on. What are some of your favorites. Haha lucky star is pretty funny ^^.
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