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Conversation Between redtear and Nunnally Vi Brittania

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  1. Awwww NuNu's so cute with her pinky swears. After watching xxxHolic >.>; i will never look at pinky swears in same way lol. Im sure u must be very busy. Take your time and dont worry ^^.
  2. I promise I'll message you soon. Pinky swear! Until then, I'll miss you TT///^///TT
  3. I trust you. ^ ^ I'll be patient.
  4. I'll reply back soon T_T I promise.
  5. I will admit I am a yaoi fangirl indeed(lol) But I'm not too crazy about it, so don't worry no nosebleeds here! But as for La Corda D'oro it's all about music, that's one reason why I watch it. And I think I know what you mean by Umineko being impossible to understand. All I know is that Beatrice was possessed by a girl named Eva, something like that. I heard that there was a version of Code Geass where Nunally obtained the Geass instead of Lelouch. (You can almost imagine how that went.)
  6. Sorry, I must admit I am a yaoi fan, lol. But as for Umineo it did leave me kinda lost. Higurashi is kinda confusing when you don't know what's happening and you decide to watch it just because you saw some kind of scene you were curious of. I have been wondering about Fullmetal Alchemist, and I think I've heard of Chrono Crusade somewhere down the line. I really like Inuyasha too, and I also like to watch Vampire Knight. Air is a lot like Clannad, so I thin you'd lie that one. And I don't really watch those kind of anime like I used to, but Fruits Basket has been a childhood fave for me.
  7. Noooooo not you too T_T; so many people falling >.> into the dark hands of Hetalia lol. I've seen the first 52 episodes since this girl i liked made me watch it and she was really obcessed with it lol. It does have some pretty funny jokes ^^ lol. I haven't seen La Corda D'oro >.>; i looked it up and i saw male harum and i'm like *slowly takes steps back* lol. Are you into things like yaoi ^^ it's fine if u are since u are a girl lol. I have several friends that are. Umineko T_T the anime is no good and it tells you nothing. It ends really soon and doesn't answer much so u might not like it. But Hugurashi is really good ^^. It's one of my top 10 favorite animes so definitely watch that lol. And yes i've seen Blood + and parts of lucky star. Blood + was really nice ^^ i really liked it. My other top 10 favorites are Mahou Shouju Madoka Magica, RahXephon, Chrno Crusade, Eureka Seven Full Metal Alchemist (both), Clannad, and gurren lagann.
  8. Well lately, I've been into Hetalia some. I also like La Corda D'oro an Higurashi. Umineko also catches my attention. And do you watch Blood Plus? Lucky Star is another anime I've been peeking at. But the two I've been in love with for such a long time is Uta no Prince-sama and Baccano.
    What about you?
  9. Nunnally is such a sweet girl ^^ she looks weak but really strong. I really love people who can solve things peacefully and always be so kind even to people who aren't kind back. Especially since >.> i'm more like Lelouch who solves things in "different" ways lol. What did you think of the ending ^^. What are some other animes you like.
  10. Than you I love Code Geass and I thin Nunally describes my character somewhat. Lelouch is awesome in my honest opinion. I'd love to be friends with you seeing what great stuff we seem to have in common!
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