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Conversation Between redtear and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. Haha well it's challenging. It isnt something that is really hard or really impossible, but rather something that will give u an extra challenge. I dont know as long as u're able to work hard nothings really "hard" or "impossible". So if u're interested in computers or electronics id highly recommend it.
    Really? haha well good luck. I didnt know u live in a hostel. Anyway, do your best, see u later.
  2. Bye!!! See you again this August T_T
    I'm gonna back to the school hostel again today because my school break has over. Have fun ^^
  3. Wow O_O I see......... The way you explain it ........ makes me feel the course you that you took looks so..... tough.
  4. Well it's probably one of the hardest engineering major u could take. Also it's probably the most math intensive from other engineering majors.
  5. Ow..... I see. So.... you took Electrical Engineering huh. Is it easy???
  6. Yeah u just kind of have to become "used" to talking which is hard to do when u arent surrounded by japanese speakers. That's true with any language though. If u live in that country u'll learn their language much more faster and easily then if u didnt. Also "difficulty" of a language changes depending on what languages u already know. Like to people that only speak korean learning japanese would be easier than learning english or a western language where as it's opposite for people who only know english or a western language. I've studied Electrical Engineering.
  7. Yup, you're right. Learning Japanese is not as easy as you though. It took almost 5 years for me to complete my Japanese lesson >_> It's really hard. How about you? What kind of course did you took?
  8. Oh that would be cool. Japan has many good colleges also just living in japan would be awesome. I feel they have the best things. I really need to learn japanese myself. I've been kind of being lazy on it. It's kind of tough though since the way they organize sentences is totally different from english. Medicine and engineering would be good. They are good majors to take up.
  9. Me....... I wish I can study in any Japan's university or college. I have took my Japanese language course and I want to study there. JAPAN!!!
    About the course, I think I want to take medical or engineering ....... something which is related with Science ^^
  10. Yeah that sounds like a really huge exam. I guess it determines what u could and cant study in college. I wonder if that's a good model though cause what if u were sick on that day lol. What do u want to study in college? Do u want to stay in Malaysia for college? I think it's common there to go to singapore for college also right.
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