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Conversation Between redtear and Elezzina

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  1. Haha I forgot about naruto! I havent read naruto in so long T_T;. Still I think fairy tail is better than naurto dont u think? Yes natsu looks very scary :P he's got to go beat someone up now lol.
  2. I agree with you: One Piece and Fairy Tail <3..and... Naruto! Hahaha :P
    Waaaaaa beautiful picture! ** Natsu super angry!<3 I say no more! Hehehe
  3. Haha fairy tail and one piece <3 just so awesome ^^. I love them both lol. I used to have this as my wallpaper on my phone....
    I changed it to something else though T_T;. Current one is more romantic :P lol.
  4. ^^ I told you that now I'm in love with Fairy Tail<3
    Thanks to you!** <3
  5. I love that new lucy avatar <3 ^^ lol.
  6. I am here again! <3
  7. Happy Valentine's Day Elezzina ^^ I miss u so much.
  8. Dont worry and take your time. Good luck on your exam Monday ^^. I hope your preperations have been going really well. I cant wait to here those many things u have to tell me ^^.
  9. Tuesday..I reply to you, finally!
    I have so many things to tell you!<3
  10. Thankssss!
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