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Conversation Between redtear and Elezzina

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  1. Hinata >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sakura >_>; lol.
    Hinata even confessed after so long T_T im sure naruto totally forgot about it.
  2. Hahaha I'm very very very cruel! he he he he *evil laugh*
    Yesss, poor Naruto if he wants, I console him! :P Buhahahaha
  3. Hahahaha I bet Elezzina just >.>; wants to eat her best cruel~ :P lol.
    I cant stand Sakura T_T she's always yelling at poor naruto....I dont know what naruto sees in her >_> lol.
  4. That cake is spectacular!! *sbaaaav* Yes yes, it is my best friend! <3
    Noooo Sakura and Sasuke NO! http://narutorealm.files.wordpress.c...__sasusaku.jpg NO NO NO!
  5. Elezzina's best friend -----> hahahaha u cant deny that one :P lol.
    I hope he dies T_T; i will be so mad if they keep him alive >.> and i will be even madder if they show sasuke and sakura together lol (i cant stand either T_T; ).
  6. Your best friend----> ^^ hahaha
    You're right.. He will die in the last episode of Naruto!:S
  7. As much as i hate to say it, im pretty sure sasuke wont be dead until very end of naruto >_>;. Someone told me about the very latest chapter and i was so angry about where the story is. I guess i should force myself to catch up T_T;. But sasuke makes it so hard to read lol.
  8. Yessssssss I agree with you--> Sasuke.. We want him dead!
    Buhahahha ^^
  9. Awwww come on >.> fairy tail is wayyyyyy better :P lol jk. I think maybe i need to start reading naruto again before saying anything ^^ lol. I just really hate Sasuke T_T;. *is waiting for sasuke's death* lol.
  10. I can't decide between Naruto and Fairy Tail:P They are both beautiful!:P
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