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Conversation Between redtear and Elezzina

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  1. Hahahahaha okok.. then I'll show you all my cakes!
    Yes yes a great competition! But I will be stronger!:P YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
    Yesss Lucy is my favorite character then I fell in love for the characters blonde! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH
  2. WHAT O.O NONONONO i want to see more cakessssss yeah yeah show me moreeeeeee T_T;.
    >.> oh so there is a competition going between u and your mom. Elezzina must finish off cake before her mom gets her hands on it :P lol.
    Haha yes poor Roby :P no cake only blame lol.
    Elezzina changed her avatar again ^^. Is lucy your favorite character?
  3. Hahahaha nuuuuu So, I will never show you my cakes!:P In this way you will not suffer! Ok?! ^^ HAHAHAHA
    Uhmmm No No my mom is most greedy than me! Maybe his face is covered with chocolate! :P
    Hahahahah poor Roby.. it's so good! :P
  4. Oh i see what u mean ^^. Both cakes look really good T_T i got cake from baby shower i went to this weekend in my fridge....i dont think i can hold it off eating it anymore. It's all Elezzina's fault T_T; lol. Hahahaha wowwwwwwwww >_>; it's already half! I think Elezzina will need 4 hours in gym now :P.
    I bet Elezzina's face covered in chocolate and when Elezzina's mom asks where cake went >.> i sure Elezzina will point to poor Roby :P lol.
  5. In theory it should be like this: but depends on the mint which you use!^^
    But it is very very very very good^^ HAHAHAHAHAAH.. I ate the first the cake is half! mmmmmm! *.*
  6. mint, coconut, and chocolate T_T....just how did u make it lol. U dont see many cakes like that ^^. Nuuuu i really want to try it >_>. Ummmm >.>; it's missing a piece. Just where did it go :P lol. Before clicking that picture T_T; i was really expecting there to just be only crums left over hahahaha :P. It looks really good though ^^.
  7. Voilą! Cake with mint, coconut and chocolate..
    Really, it should be more green inside! :P
  8. Nuuuu another cake for Elezzina to eat >.>; i hope it lasts long enough for Elezzina to take a picture lol jk :P. I want to see picture if u make it ^^.
  9. Redtear..MAYBE, today I make a cake:P
    I take a picture and I'll show you! **
  10. Hahaha Yes yes.. So, poor Hinata! :P
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