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Conversation Between redtear and Elezzina

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  1. Ohhhh >.>; elezzina is cretizing MY driving when i take pictures while driving but here elezzina wants to taka an entire VIDEO WHILE driving. I can see this T_T; Elezzina takes video while driving car and it has Elezzina's car going into side walk with so many people trying to run for their lives hahahaha maybe i will get a third person video from news team of Elezzina's driving hahahaha :P. I know what Elezzina meant >.>; have someone else take video of her driving but what Elezzina wrote meant Elezzina would be doing both :P lol it's hilarious ^^ considering what we're talking about :P.
  2. Hahahahah Nuoooo but I drive very well One day, I will make a video while driving.. so, you will see what I'm good! HAHAHAHAHA
    I will die of a heart attack with you...*stone dead* HAHAHAAH
  3. I can sleep peacefully when Elezzina drives o_o; ETERNAL peaceful sleep O.O NONONONO i dont want to sit when Elezzina drives >.>; at least my driving will keep Elezzina alive and sceaming hahahaha :P.
  4. When the snow falls is beautiful** I stand in front of the window! hahahaha
    OMG.. NO NO I don't trust you! Hihihihih ''reckless driving''! If I drive, you can sleep peacefully! Hehehehehe
  5. Haha yeah it's probably going to be last snow fall of this season. Like u said i want spring ^^ lol still it was nice looking at this snow since it was really beautiful.
    Hahahaha im very veryyyyyyyyy safe driver >.>;. So if Elezzina wants ride i save all my texting when i give her ride :P hahahaha i bet Elezzina would be yelling very loud T_T;.
  6. Waaaaaa ..but, lots of snowwww! O.O Here's raining-.-'
    Hahahahaha OMG You don't crash into a tree.. :P
    Snow<3 but now I want the spring! Yes yes yes!^^
  7. OMG ELEZZINAAAAAAAA IT'S SNOWING HERE FOR THE 1000000^%$* time T_T; lol. I took pictures >.>....
    I took this picture when i was driving >.>; yes im a very safe driver :P i give Elezzina ride any time lol.
  8. Ohhhh so Elezzina discriminates on hair color T_T; so mean~ :P lol. Anime characters have all kinds of hair color ^^ it's funny cause it always looks so normal even if they have pink or purple hair.
    Yeah ^^ she is absolutely amazing. There is this part around episode 164 with her and ohhhh just so awesome lol. I cant wait till u catch up!
  9. Yeeeeesssss, excellent intuition! Good Good!^^
    Erza's past is really sooo sad but like you said, now she is strong!
  10. Haha so Elezzina likes blonde characters ^^. Now that i think about it all of Elezzina's avatars have been blonde characters >.>;. My favorite female character is Erza though :P. She's always so strong and she's had a horrible past T_T; nuuuu my heart goes out to her lol.
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