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Conversation Between redtear and Elezzina

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  1. Hahahaha wowwww and here i thought i was just teasing Elezzina about having radio on full blast. Who knew it was true ^^. I can just imagine that guy driving behind Elezzina >.>; i bet he said many colorful words hahahaha :P i know i do >.>; lol. What kind of music do u listen to when u drive ^^.
    Haha well wet clothes u could always throw in drier unless if u're away from home ^^ then yeah getting wet sucks lol.
    WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! ELEZZINA DID "IT" >_>; i feel left out *cries in corner*....m-maybe elezzina thought i was just holding her back ;_; lol jk HURRY UP WITH THAT JET. I AM SO QUIETING MY JOB TODAY!!!! I WILL BE WAITING~ ;P lol.
  2. hahahaha the radio on full blast is part of me! Hahahah once while I was driving and I had the radio on full blast I didn't realize that I had a car behind me that sounded the horn because it wanted to overtake-.-' let me drive in peace! HAHAHAHA
    I also would like to go in the rain** but after annoys me to have wet clothes! Hahaha
    Do you want the truth?! Yessssss, yesterday I robbed a bank! Buhhaha Now, I'm rich!^^ I'm leaving tomorrow and I come to you... and we go away!))
  3. Yeah u would just crush all cars on road along with other things >.>; without even knowing cause u would be too high up for peoples screams to reach lol. Also knowing Elezzina u would probably have the radio on full blast >_>; lol.
    Haha yeah ^^ it did >.>; i wonder if it will snow in April lol. Elezzina doesnt like rain T_T; why is that. I think rain is nice ^^. Sometimes i just feel like going outside and getting wet.
    Elezzina wants to go to a deserted island o_o; why is that >_>; dont tell me Elezzina pulled off that bank robbery we have been plotting on her own T_T.
  4. Sorry for late reply!**
    Hahahaha I think that is a monster of the road! hahah it kills kills kills kills everyone O.O
    it snowed again from you..Wow.. Here there's the sun, but sometimes it rains so much!Pfffff!
    at this time I would like to be on an island-->
  5. lol i can see Elezzina backing the crane up and hanging on the crane to get into that car. It would be so funny. I wonder if it's possible to drive that kind of car on a normal road even T_T; at least u wont have to worry about dying from a car accident >.>; while other people have to be scared for their lives lol.
    Today it's snowing again....
    Everytime it snows i tell myself last snow of season i should enjoy it, then it snows more lol. They say it's snowed more than 100 inches this season. It's always really pretty when it snows ^^ lol. I tried to catch snowflakes in my mouth T_T;.
  6. OMG! This car is soooo big!** I wonder how I'm going to climb!O.O I'll need a crane--> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. So scary~....>.> Elezzina should drive car like this....
    Then it will be "Elezzina driving, for u it's end" hahahaha no more choice only end waiting :P. Police wouldnt be able to give ticket either since they wouldnt be able to reach window ^^.
    Haha here we can beep horn only if u get pissed cause other person almost getting u in accident >_>;.
  8. Hahahaha I'm super reckless.. "you move or for you is the end''!:P
    Really, also we could not sound the horn:S we sound it even for greet people! AAAAAAAH immediately a fine:P
  9. Hahahaha i think it would be funniest watching video ^^. Elezzina giving me video to show how "safe" her driving is >.>; and i open it to watch it and im like....O.O....wait is she taking this WHILE driving....then Elezzina's car slowly loses control and after that just people screaming running for their lives :P lol. Sooooo ummmm Elezzina want to drive on side walk and run people over lol *makes note to be careful of italian women driving* hahahaha jk :P. But ummmm Elezzina needs to play grand theft auto :P u do those things all the time in that game ^^ in fact it's very fun >.>;.
    So people there beep horn at people walking in street lol. We cant do that here >_>; if we do and police sees we will get in trouble lol.
  10. Hahahahah what you have told is sooooooo fun! I could really do:P
    Already that I hate people who walk in the street! Grrrr! Hahaha So I continue to sound the horn, finally they move!
    Hahaahahaha in fact I'm very bad when I drive! .
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