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Conversation Between redtear and Elezzina

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  1. I havent heard from u in a while. I really miss u ^^.
  2. I read the article.. I really hope it starts again as soon as possible! Now, I'm watching the filler...for to lose a bit of time, even if this will not help!Pfffff
    Now, I reply your PM!
  3. Did u skip just to watch last episode? I hope it didnt spoil too much doing that. About lucy's voice actor, it is true. She's a singer i think and slept with 3 to 4 band members (or co-workers) posting those pictures online. So im pretty sure we wont get the same lucy voice actor if fairy tail does continue. Here is more detail on it....
    Oh really? Why do u like london more? U can just reply about things with your trip in that PM lol. Im sure it got confusing when im asking u questions about it both on here and there lol. So just reply back with everthing trip related there ^^.
  4. Noooo uff it's a shame! Today I watched the last episode before the filler... I hope they start again! I can't wait too long! I like so much the voice of Lucy:S I hope that is not true!Pfff**
    However, the trip to Paris was wonderful it is an amazing city, although I preferred London^^
  5. Yeah they aired the last episode of fairy tail 2 weeks back i think. It's really a shame but people say it's because the manga isnt very far from anime (only 30 chapter lead). Also i heard lucy's voice actors was involved in some scandle where she's banned from any new voice actor contracts for some time so they're trying to find a new voice actor for lucy. I guess their are many rumors about it. I dont know what's really the case but on the final episode they worte "to be continued" at very end. So im sure they do plan on starting it again. They probably just dont know when or make any official announcements on it. I hope it will be soon also. I'll have to remember to listen to those songs later. How was your trip to paris?
  6. But you know, I found out yesterday that there was the last episode of Fairy Tail** because I wanted to see where they had arrived uffff I hope that it starts as soon as possible! O.O
    Good Italian song?! Uhm... "come un pittore- Modā feat Jarabedepalo".. "Bella Stronza-Marco Masini".. "questo piccolo grande amore-Biagio Antonacci".."Non č l'inferno-Emma Marrone"... then there are other
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No no, money is not finished but I need it to go to Paris in a few hours!^^ HAHAHAHA so, I wish you Happy Easter<3
  7. Nuuuuuuuuuuu >_> IM SO ANGRY >_> i just found out they today's episode is last episode of fairy tail. THEY ENDED IT SHORT. This series is far too good to just end short. I dont want to read manga T_T. I hope they decide to make a sequal T_T.
    Um can u give me a good italian song u like.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ELEZZINA CANT SHOP......................this is so horrible T_T;..................knowing Elezzina all monely already gone...........................byebye money T_T; i will never see u again.
  8. Hahahahahaha ssssssuper scary O.O
    I listen to more American music..^^ There are a few good Italian singers-.-' then they are all the same!^^' Hahahahaha
    Don't worry.. sooner or later I will come to you I have to prepare many things for my departure then you know that we women are very slow! HAHAHAHAHA and with money--> shopping!:P HAHAHA
  9. O.O so scary~ i think Elezzina's expression is wayyyyyyyy scarier than that guys. It's like death glare >.>;. I bet moment he looked at Elezzina >.>; he drove even faster to get farrrrrrrrr away ^^ lol. Maybe he still gets nightmares from it :P.
    Do u listen to more italian or ametican?
    OMG it's bed of money lol. We sleep in it. Yeah yeah we dont hide money under bed, we make money bed itself :P lol. Ummmmm >.>;....i have been waiting since yesterday T_T; but still no Elezzina. DONT TELL ME ELEZZINA GOT SUPER GREEDY WITH IT AND RAN AWAY.
  10. HAHAHAH the guy behind me had this expression--> ! He exuded hatred from all sides O.O But, I did not care anything! HAHAHAHAHAHA
    I listen to everything
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Now, I don't know where to hide money.. HAHAHAHA.. I'll save you)))))) Waiiiiiittt!
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