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Conversation Between redtear and eccha

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  1. LOL then u're just like me >.>;. I try to get more lighter not more tanner so i hate being outside for too long lol. Have u ever gotten sunburn. I've only gotten sunburn once ^^. I dont like watching people so much >.>; unless they're doing something stupid i could laugh about T_T; lol. But i like listening to the waves on beach ^^ it's really relaxing and nice. Um curious though, do u happen to be afraid of water. I used to be and maybe i still am a little ^^ so im not a very good swimmer. I know how to swim (which helped me get over that fear) but i dont have courage to go really deep into ocean where my legs cant touch lol. I've gone jet skiing though ^^. Aw sunsets and walking on seashore, how very romantic of u lol :P. I dont think i've seen many sunsets on beach ^^ even though i've lived near a beach most of my life. Do u guys spend over night in hotel when u go to the beach?
  2. Haha of course no I'm not one of those people like tanning because I don't already need that. lol I have my brown skin.. hmm its weird maybe but whenever I go to beach I'm just funned watching others enjoy their swimming coz honestly I don't know how to swim. but sometimesI swim on the shallow part. . Hehe my favorite part is when I'm walking near the seashore when its sunset and in the morning , its when the sun is not so hot..
  3. Haha i dont remember the last time i had a summer where i did nothing but stay home ^^. I guess it was summer between high school and college >_>....8 years back LOL. I hope u spend your time wisely having fun ^^ cause u might not get that kind of summer back lol. We actually JUST had a snow storm >_>; 2 days ago lol so yeah ^^ there is still snow around here lol. Im sure there it's probably really warm. What kind of things do u do at the beach >.>; dont tell me you're one of those people that like tanning :P lol.
  4. Haha.. yes even here we can have summer class/ job if we want but for me id rather just spend my summer break relaxing ..
    Um .. beaches are bit far from here actually coz we need to travel I think 2 hours but its gonna be fine so how about there do it still snow in your place ??
  5. Haha im sure u studied more than i would have >.>; but that isnt saying much. With these things though, it's really rare to feel you're prepared enough, so as long as u can be content though ^^ with your efforts and results it's fine. Oh 2 months how nice T_T;. I want to go back to college just to enjoy those long vacations. When u start working u barely get any time off ^^. But here even in college -_-; u're either working or taking classes to be ahead during summer break lol. So you're going to the beach then ^^. How far is it from where u live.
  6. I really don't know if what id done was enough hehe but yes for me I did my best for it .. lol I have um I think two months vacation .. and I would prefer spending it with my family.. actually its summer here and its the right time for beaches .. it would gonna be my time to refresh my mind :>
  7. That's really great ^^ i hope u did well on all of them. I wont ask u how u did until AFTER u get your results ^^ lol. I hate when people ask me that >.>; cause i feel if i say i did good then i will jinx myself so i always answer i dont know T_T; or say i did really bad if i really felt i did bad haha :P lol. How long is your vacation ^^. Do u plan on doing anything for it or just relax.
  8. Ok .. well yes at last today is the start of my vacation .. I'm done with my exams and I'm just waiting for the result . Hoping that everything i'd done was good and right
  9. Hi ^^ I just wanted to check up and make sure u're doing ok with your college. I hope you're understanding everything. Im sure u can pull through so keep working hard. Oh and dont worry and take your time with the PM.
  10. sorry T_T for replying to this late. I kept remembering and forgetting and well >_> u know me....Mr. lazy lol jk.
    I dont normally eat rice. Is there such a thing as filipino food? Chinese food is healthy (though i dont like chinese food) since it has very little fat. While american food is centered on lots of dairy products (pretty much lots of cheese lol) and i guess meat. They dont have many vegetables in their diet. One other thing i noticed is that when i first came to america i found the food to be so tasteless T_T. It took me so long to get used to it lol and acutally like what im eating. I really like green mango also ^^ do u dip it in salt. Haha i just dont buy any junk food. It's my way of restricting myself or if i see it then >.>; i cant stop myself from eating it ^^.
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