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Conversation Between redtear and Mayumi shizuku sia

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  1. Im not sure if it's yours or your sister's bday but happy bday to one of u ^^ I hope u have a really nice day. I really miss u both.
  2. Nuuuu well i really liked talking to her ^^ so im really glad she likes to talk about me lol. I actually thought she forgot me ;_; lol but then >.>; i thought u forgot me also haha :P. I dont know if that means she likes me though T_T;. That would be really embarrassing especially next time i talk to her ^^ lol.
  3. U know i think mio is havin a crush on u. Instead of talking about books, she just keeps talkin about u
  4. Haha u guys are so funny ^^. Well, I really loved talking to her so dont be sorry ;_;. I hope i could talk to her more ^^. I've really missed u though T_T;.
  5. Hi red. . . Sorry about mio.
  6. you know mio is totaly mental!
  7. I guess i was totally wrong T_T; she's a friend of yours from class lol. She's really funny tricking us like that ^^. I was convinced it was your sister cause she's the only one i told my real name to lol. So how're things going with u?
  8. T_T; i just woke up and >.>....i saw sooooooo many messages haha ^^ it was so funny lol but really nice since I really missed u Mayumi ^^. So um that person T_T; i think that is your sister lol. Only person that comes to my mind >.>; maybe u're in on it also to play a trick on me :P lol.
  9. Hey, how come she knows your real name?
  10. Hey red , did some mio send u a message " guess who i am ? OMG ! Even u got the message?! I checked all my friends. But it seems she has only texted u and me. She is new. I saw her post in introduction forum. Who might she be. You have joined before me. Soooo .... Urgh! My brains not working!
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