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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. Im sorry to hear that. Are you bdays normally like that? At least u got some money ^^. What do u plan on buying with it? That's right, i forgot about the history france and canada have. Is that reflected in hitalia. I feel Canada rarely makes an appearance from the episodes i've watched T_T;.
  2. it was boring. I got $60. We didn't do anything all day I just sat at home. The reason for France and Canada is because they have a really touching history together and Canada is adorable with France
  3. How was your birthday? Did u guys do anything? France and Canada is an interesting choice. Why them? Haha i see a lot of France and Canada yaoi or other stuff also?
  4. thank you! And yes yaoi is a top secret. I love France and Canada together. I've been reading a lot of yaoi lately.
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. Oh >.>; so yaoi is like top secret no one can know haha it sounds like u're super shy about it. Oh so u dont read it all the time but u do read it. I wonder if the stuff u read is at dango-chan's level lol. France is so gay lol like how he likes Olympics where guys compete naked.
  7. I'm a closet yaoi fangirl. my friends don't think I like yaoi but I do. maybe not.... I'm not obsessed with it or anything. and it is not like i actually read yaoi all the time because I don't! ..... leave me alone. My favorite in the first season is France.
  8. Haha well that anime is really funny. I've watched the first season and my favorite is definitely America. I just like how he's always saying "dude", "totally" and stuff like that. It's hilarious >.>; and totally makes me proud to be an American LOL. I think it's ok to be a little fan of yaoi. I was mostly just giving u a hard time lol.
  9. And to answer your question I've watched Loveless, sekaiichi hatsukoi, and juunjou romantica, even though I'm not done with juujou romantica or sekaiichi hatsukoi
  10. Yes I am. I'm not a big one though. maybe I am... anyway I watch it because of the humor. My favorite characters are Canada and Prussia. but i don't ship them
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