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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. Hahahaha that's what spell check is for yep yep T_T. Who >_> learns spelling these days when you have spell check :P. And it looks like you totally take pride in this lol. You are too cute not to forgiven <3 lol.
  2. I HATE STUPID SPELLING! Oh yeah I probably could get away with a lot of things
  3. >.> what did i do, i'm an angel lol. You're like a kitty ^^ they do something bad and give u the most innocent and adorable look ever. I think you might be a monster >_>;. You can probably get away with anything T_T lol.
  4. I've been cold to some of my friends! And then I can be soooo innocent and adorible afterwards my friens call it creepy
  5. Haha looks like anime teaches you things about yourself and expands your vocabulary :P. The idea of you being tsundere is just sooooooo funny T_T and soooo cute lol. So >.> what poor person have you been cold to lately. I bet you make people cry all the time T_T. Yep yep bet they cry themselves to sleep with you haunting their dreams :P lol jk.
  6. Yes i am. Oh my gosh i'm a total tsundere and I learned it off of lucky star
  7. Hahahaha i had to look this up T_T. Where did you get that word from lol. And when i saw definition i'm like o_o; really? lol. What makes you say that ^^ that is sooooo funny though. Are you cold to people at first?
  8. I just realized that I'm a tsundere
  9. Bring it on
  10. Hahahaha looks like you want a profile invasion >.>. This will be hard. I'll have to find a time no one posts on your profile before you get to see it :P. I might need a little bit of luck lol.
    How was your day btw. My day a lot better than yesterday T_T i guess lol.
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