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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. I don't normally have lunch but if I do it's just ramen. And engineering isn't my thing I like languages
  2. It just got started actually T_T; lol. About to have lunch. How about yours. What do you have for lunch usually. I have the same stuff on weekends >.> milkshake and bagel. O and you can call me KP if you'd like. My original account on here was KP4 when i was active here several years back. I dont go on there anymore though lol.

    Btw, that's pretty good experience if you want to go into a technical line. Do things like engineering interest you?
  3. Why hello there red! How's your day
  4. No no no we create websites ourselfs and the organization just gives us feedback
  5. So do you guys actually program the websites using html, php, or java? Sounds like free child labor to me :P lol.
  6. websites. The organizations look at the websites and then a person that is from the organization comes and tells us how we did we've already already done one for the FBI
  7. Really? What kind of projects are they if they're for real organizations.
  8. My school isn't easy every time we do a project it is for real organizations
  9. i went to a catholic private high school and it was horrible >_>. Seriously i will never say one good thing about that high school lol. It was really easy also. Probably a lot easier than your school o_o.
  10. She's crazy and she is just mean the principal is fun but she is all yucky
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