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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. You have more friends than I do so I should talk to people
  2. You should my index finger just fell off! Lol
  3. nopeeee not played it yet but i downloaded it on my phone so i will sometime tonight :P. I hope my thumbs don't fall off T_T if they do you soooooooo owe me new thumbs lol.
  4. I do too! But unfortunately, that would never happen. By the way did you play that game I told you about
  5. Tacos, that sounds really good. I haven't had tacos in such a long time. I want the thanksgiving break to come already T_T. Seriously, i miss having the entire week off for thanksgiving.
  6. Tacos
  7. That is sooooooooooo not fair. People need to go away *shoo shoo* leave camille's profile alone T_T lol.
    I'm about to eat frozen pizza >_> for maybe the millionth time in a row lol. I wonder if that's bad for me lol what are you having for dinner.
  8. Hehehehehe it's my strategy oh and you will get addicted to it
  9. Btw, you are making wayyyy too many friends >_>. It's going to be so much harder now to take over your profile again T_T.
  10. I dont want to hurt my thumbs though >.> they have already been hurt enough with all the video games i played in high school lol. I will download it though and check it out *hopes i dont get addicted* T_T.
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