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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. Exactly! Nope no love triangles or anything like that.
  2. Oh so does the story revolve more around the main character remember his past and the friends (that of course >_>; happen to be girls) trying to deal with their bad past? Well that sounds nice as long as there's no love triangle drama or much romance.
  3. no. The main character made friends but his friends have really bad pasts. He can't remember anything from his childhood but over time it all comes back to him and a lot of it has to do with his friends which are mostly girls
  4. Does friendship mean she got rejected and they stay has friends? What kind of bad things happen to the main character?
  5. No kanon was more heavy on friendship than anything. A lot of things that happened to the main characters was really sad.
  6. Kanon didny have much romance o_o; really. I always thought it was heavy on romance and romance drama and that's why it was sad. What made kanon sad then? Clannad was sad but beautiful ^^. It more more about family guess. So was Air ^^ that was more mother and daughter relationship. There were a lot of implied parts of the story in air.
  7. Yeah I know. I can't do clannad at all. that stuff is only for everyone else. Kanon doesn't have much romance anyway only in one episode and then it is like implied but then it's like friendship anyway. I love Kanon so much and air was too much like misuzu was an ok character but it wasn't really sad for me.
  8. They should give u lockers in high school than 5th grade >.>;. I would be freaking out if I were failing everything lol. So do u plan on cramming and doing really well on the finals ^^. Yeah >_>; im sure your rank is horrible xD colleges look at that stuff. Yes Clannad is ok lol. It doesn't have much romance drama. Most of the drama is after they get married. It's a nice change from a lot of the other romance animes that just concentrate on love triangles and such.
  9. Nah I just have to get used to it again it doesn't hurt that much. No we don't, the last time I used a locker was in fifth grade. Yes I am currently failing all my classes yes I have mastered the art of last minute cramming and procrastinating that is why I'm kinda not worried but my rank is going to suck because there aren't many students in my class. I see but clannad is ok? I stopped watching clannad because it was too sad for me to even think about.
  10. Haha that's not good if u're cramping xD u may get arthritis ;_;. Dont u guys have lockers to put your books in ^^ I guess they can get pretty heavy still. But are u really failing ALL your classes as in a D or F o_o;. I hope not ;_; I'd have to repeat and I think your parents would be pissed. Lol u havent mastered the art of procrastination and last minute cramming ^^. Yeah the tear jerker is the reason I dont want to watch kanon.
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