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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. Hahahaha that part's so funny ^^ the guy stops for a second and he just goes on like nothings wrong >_>; lol. But that is soooooooooooo me every monring T_T maybe Camille and i should make a video about how lazy we are lol.
  2. That was so funny! I loved when he rolled into the pool
  3. >_> this is soooooooooo me....laziness has got to be the worst addiction ever lol.
  4. No make up homework but I did get a rep
  5. You got suspended two weeks for not doing homework Hahahaha a nice 2 week of vacation. Did you have to make up any homework you missed. Ahhhhhh this sucks thanksgiving break is over -_- i want another week off.
  6. I have no idea it was horrible... but being suspended was the best two weeks of my life
  7. You got suspended for not turning in homework....OMG CAMILLE YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD hahahaha that is just horrible T_T. Why would they suspend people for not turning in homework >_> u are right it's really stupid. You school seems really strict o_o. I wouldn't even know what to say ^^ lol.
  8. This is really stupid but I would get suspended for not turning in my homework
  9. Hahahaha really? What did you do? The worst i got were a few lunch detentions. Those should be illegal >_> seriously starving kids wtf.
  10. I've been suspended before
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