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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. lol i knew it was you camille. I was just joking ^^ that's why i put all those parathesis saying "guess we are doing this again" so on lol. Guess T_T; my joke was horrible lol. Maybe >.> i should just go to sleep afterall lol. Today i talked to a friend of mine from here for the first time one the phone o_o she lives in Europe. There's an app that lets u talk to anyone in the world for free if they have that app so it worked out T_T lol. We talked for like 3+ hours. Also today i found out how much i suck at osu >_>. Seriously game is sooooo addicting but i just suck soooooooo bad lol.
  2. Red-sempai be smarter than that. In our conversations my user name changed but my avatar didn't... my. Favorite animes are well.... I'm too lazy to list them. I'm from texas
  3. New username o_o i was like why do i have a friend name maki the contractor wtf >_> lol. Then i'm like O YES IT'S A NEW FRIEND. It's great to meet you maki the contractor >_> (guess we are doing this again) what are your favorite animes (maybe lack of sleep is making me go crazy) where are you from (ok don't mind me T_T lol).
  4. my day was fine and no i didn't go to bed late. i went to bed early last night
  5. Did you go to sleep late? How was your day?
  6. i want to sleep as well
  7. Laziness is a disease lol but at the same time it is motivation for inventing >.>;. Most times we try to invent something it's because we are lazy and want to be more lazy lol.
    So today i got up at 4 AM T_T, my dad drove me to airport 2 hours away, my flight was 2.5 hours long, and i finally at 11 got back lol. I want to sleep lol.
  8. I know because I'm too lazy to make a video
  9. I know T_T i was joking and i got that guy beat >_> unlike him i'm too lazy to make a video.
  10. I don't think that's a good idea
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