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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. It snowed in November but only for like ten minutes. It has been in the 70's all week. I've been obsessed with touhou even though I don't have the games.
  2. I know that feeling T_T it's the same with me ^^. Except with anime >_>; i've been keeping up a little TOO well with anime xD. I need to stop!! How's dat Texas winter been ^^. Has it snowed there?
  3. Hey! I've been good. Nothing has really been going on much as of late. I'm so behind on everything! So behind on school work and anime it's sad!
  4. Hey, I've been away from this forum for a while ^^ how have u been? What's been going on?
  5. I got two Pokemon elite trainer boxes for Christmas and tickets to the Dallas Stars game which was today. I am happy to say that it went well since we pounded the Coyotes into the ground by shutting them out 6-0. How about you? By the way あけおめ!
  6. Hey sorry, I haven't been on much. How did your Christmas go and the break so far ^^.
  7. Nah I sat at home. On Saturday I went to walgreens to buy some pokemon cards though and on Sunday too. I should stop and start saving that money on a Japan trip but I don't have enough
  8. Average is better than failing ^^. Haha I just had pizza on thanksgiving >.> I should have made something. Did u go out during black friday? I went to walmart to get a 3DS but that was really it.
  9. It's ok. I know what you mean I do too. My semester is ok I mean I have average grades. My Thanksgiving was good I had ham and stuffing
  10. Sorry about replying late. I went MIA for a while ^^. Oh that's really cool but i dont know when i'll get to watch it >.>; if i choose to. I have so many animes on my wait list ;_;. How's your semester ending up? What did u do for thanksgiving?
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