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Conversation Between redtear and Maki the contractor

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  1. I was at that game! It was so much fun! Yeah I'm not surprised Tampa made it they had the highest offense in the league. My finals went well and I'm happy to say I have no more school for the next 2 1/2 months! He's going to be fine and probably better than he was before. It won't end his career a lot of our players have had hip surgery in fact it was 5 players on our team to have surgery on their hips and they are just fine
  2. Haha Im looking into the nhl finals and it seems tempa made it to the finals xD. Im pretty surprised a florida team made it ^^. Oh really a hat trick? That's so awesome! Did you watch that game ^^. I hope the hip sugary doesn't put an end to his career though o_o. Wah June 5th that's tomorrow. You must be pretty excited. I hope your finals went well ^^.
  3. No they didn't get into the playoffs. The Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn (my favorite by the way) had a hat trick and assist for a four point night and he won the Art Ross trophy! he made history that game by becoming the first Star to ever win the art ross. He needs hip surgery in both hips now though, he is tough. My summer break begins June fifth
  4. That's cool ^^ im sure it's more cheaper that way. I really need a new laptop ;_; lol. How did the Dallas game go? Did they make it to the nhl playoffs? Sorry about the late reply again ;_;. When does your summer break start ^^.
  5. No we just replaced the hard drive and OS it's fine now. I did hero no Jouken great beatmap to play and a wonderful song. I got tickets to the Dallas stars Hockey game for saturday and it was absolutely amazing
  6. 8 months without a computer o_o that's a really reallllllly long time ;_; poor you. Did u guys buy a new computer now. My hard drive died sucked ;_;. My computer was still under warranty though luckily ^^. So did u find any new favorite osu song??
  7. Yeah you're right. My computer's hard drive had died so I had to replace it. Then we had to get a new OS for the computer too. I was out of osu for almost a good eight months
  8. What made u lose OSU? That's cool u got it back haha. Yeah im sure it's annoying to redownload all the beatmaps but it's also a chance for u to find a few good new ones ^^. You might find some cool new songs also .
  9. Yeah cause it's catchy. I finally got osu back. the unfortunate thing is that i have to download all my old beatmaps again! i hate starting over
  10. Sorry for replying so late ;_; it's been forever since i was on here. I really like touhou myself haha especially their songs! I think bad apple is there most popular one. I really like the video for it. How has everything been lately?
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