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Conversation Between redtear and ms.Purdy

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  1. modeling thats all
  2. bored out of my mind. I need to do something besides sit around. Have you done anything this weekend. Why are weekends so short lol.
  3. good wat about u??
  4. Hey so how have you been.
  5. its coming up
    its coming up
    its dare
    hahahaha i love noodles
  6. I watched the video for that song yesterday and now it's stuck in my head.
  7. awesome i like dare
  8. Oooo wait Gorillaz are the people that sang feel good inc. I totally forget. Yeah i do know that band.
  9. I didn't know u haven't heard of bullet for my valentine. If i had known i would have given u this song to listen to:
    It's one of their best songs ^^.
    Um no i haven't heard of any of their songs. I'll check them out though.
  10. i checked bullet for my valentine pretty awesome hey do you know GORILLAZ THE BAND
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