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Conversation Between redtear and KyouFalls

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  1. OMG whenever i see out of the ordinary people walking around it's the most awkward thing ever. I just >.>; stare and then when they notice i pretend i was looking at something behind them which probably makes it even more obvious T_T; lol.
  2. Well, You do see a few people with dyed hair and stuff, You stare for maybe 2 seconds and go on about your day. :P
  3. So they don't have cute girls with big eyes and unnaturally color hair then? lol. I think with scenery if it's pretty i'll like it ^^. I guess i was thinking more about personality of the people and the kind of ways they show everyday life in some animes. I know everyone tends to have different personalities but i find it that each race has some similarities because of culture and common beliefs. Also how anime is really huge there i feel people might try to act more like the way they show anime character's high school life for example and have similar kinds of reactions in normal conversations. I guess it's hard to decribe T_T; but if that made sense i was wondering about that ^^; lol.
  4. Is japan anything like in anime, Well it's opinion mostly, It's how you interpret the scenery.
  5. Hahahaha so no creepy guy spying and breathing over you as you sleep :P. Ahhhh well i really hope u have a great time. Btw, where in japan do you live. I've always wanted to visit it, from being an anime fan mostly. But is Japan anything like what they show in anime.
  6. Yep, One of my dad's friend, Never met my dad so.. o.o My mother tells me that he's a good friend to both my parents, So i don't have to feel paranoid.
  7. That is really awesome ^^. You'll be living with one of your dad's friend there for a while right. Maybe i should start looking for jobs in UK. I really want to be there right now ^^ lol.
  8. Yes, Moving in a few weeks.
  9. Hey, did you make that decision to go to UK lol.
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