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Conversation Between redtear and anime roxs 4ever

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  1. ya tht was gr8
  2. Oh that's great! So what did u think of last episode. It was so awesome how laxus totally beat his dads team single handedly lol. And this fight with wendy will be something to see. I wonder if she will actually lose. I dont think wendy will but I dont know how she will win either lol. Last episodes of fairy tail have been so awesome especially with how erza beat all hundred monsters lol. That was so amazing.
  3. ya ..ive watched full metal , and ive watched the latest fairy tail episodes
  4. What episode of fairy tail are u on. Have u watched the latest episode? Mine are Clannad, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Chrno Crusade, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist (both), Air, and so on. Have u watched any of them?
  5. wht abot urs ??
  6. oh..thnx bleach ,fairy tail .....and few others
  7. Hey I n never got a chance to message u after u added me. Thanks fkr the request so what are your fovorite animes.
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