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Conversation Between redtear and Jozette

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  1. Really? Well that's a surprise that you are vegitarian lol but i guess u did say it's because of an old religion.
    What part of US do you live/were you raised.
  2. Born and raised in the usa.
  3. I am used to spicy food lol. I guess i've been eating it all my life T_T;. In fact this is making me really hungry lol. Where are you from btw.
  4. Oh haha I can't eat indian food it's too spicy but I have been to a no meat indian restaurant.
  5. I see, it's similar for me. I'm indian and it's part of the culture so i grew up that way. A lot of indian food is vegitarian so it's not so bad. But i live on my own right now and i don't cook so yeah ^^; i've been eating a lot of pizza and things like that T_T.
  6. Um it's because of a old religion but my family kept the no meat. Let's see I eat normal food and we sub out the meat with soy meat or beans
  7. Really? That's cool. So what kind of food do u eat everyday? Is there a reason you are vegitarian.
  8. Yes same as you I've never had meat. ^_^
  9. Yes i have been my whole life. Are you vegetarian also.
  10. O you're a vegetarian too?
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