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Conversation Between redtear and Will Phuah

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  1. I see. I will try to cope with Elfen Lied. I heard Elfen Lied is really touching, but every touching scene came with a bloody scene, am I right? I see, high school of the dead was really ecchi I'd say. Have you seen angel beats? I was so confused at episode 1, and I gave it up. By I will see it on day too. Really? Great. Then have you seen psycho-pass?
  2. Haha yeah dont watch deadman wonderland if u couldnt handle elfen lied. Im not sure which is more bloodier but regardless they are both quite bloodly lol. However, if u could get over the blood, Elfen Lied is probably worth watching. I dont know why so many people like high school of the dead though. I thought it was entertaining but it's gotten so much attention than i expected it would kind of like Angel Beats! does. It ended with only 12 episodes also. I hear they are making another season though (i think manga is still ongoing).
  3. I see. Yeah, high school of the dead is pretty much ecchi all the way. I haven't watched it though. Another was classic. It was because of that anime that I gained the courage to watch Higurashi. XD Elfen Lied... Haven't watched it yet. I started it a long time ago, but I got freaked out with the opening song and episode 1. I couldn't continue to watch after all the excess blood spilling around and seeing people's heads being chopped off, so I gave it up. I see... Is deadman wonderland bloody? I heard it from a friend's friend that it is.
  4. Haha well sometimes fan service gets to be too much and interferes with the story. High school of the dead is a good example of this. Still those are more like extra episodes so i dont think it matters. I have watched both. Another is nice short anime to watch. The story didnt have much dept but still it was entertaining to watch. Elfen Lied i really liked. It was a very sweet anime. If u like Elfen Lied then u'll probably like deadman wonderland. The anime is only 12 episodes but if u read manga u will know what i mean when i say that anime is very similar to elfen lied.
  5. Yeah, you should, no regrets for sure if you do. Yeah, I like the way they drew Rena and Mion's eyes like cat eyes n the anime in Oni-Kakushi Hen. But too bad they didn't continue to draw it like that for the other arcs. Yeah, I finished Rei. The fan service made me laugh like hell. Kira is "tons and tons of fan service". And a lot of people complain about it. I don't think it's the bad. After all that tension, some fan service from our favorite characters would really do good. I see... I personally liked the first season the best, probably because the drawing suited the theme much more better and it was more bloody. XD
    Yeah, I heard a lot about it. I already put it in my "want-to-watch" list. Have you watched Another and Elfen Lied?
  6. Oh so the vusual novel contains lots of extras anime never covered. That is really interesting. Maybe i will also look into the visual novels when I get time. Haha well I like rena's eyes. They look so cold. Rei is pretty much a sequal to kai. It's only 6 episodes I think. No I havent watched kira. What is that about? I dont have a favorite season. Kai was nice since it answered everything and it's what made me put itnas my best 10 animes list. But I also liked the first season since I felt it was a good build up. If u like higurashi u should watch mirai nikki.
  7. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. I decided to reply you on your profile. Well, I've gone halfway through Oni-Kakushi hen. Yesterday I just finished the USO DA part. It's not exaggerating to say that, it's still haunting me. Especially the part Rena's eyes changed and she was still smiling. God, that killed me. I'm not sure about that. I only know that there is Higurashi, Higurashi Kai and the daybreak game. I'm not sure about the others though, sorry. I do enjoy the anime too, but many comments on YouTube say that the anime skipped a lot of parts that are mentioned in the visual novel. And most of them are important parts. I do think it is correct though.

    Sorry for being so long winded, but I'm a really, really big fan of the Higurashi series. Have you seen Higurashi Kira? Which season did you liked the most?
  8. Yeah, so I get ready when I know a killing scene is up... XD I see... I heard that Rika-chan was one of the important roles ! Though I wouldn't want to spoil that... I'll wait until Higurashi Kai then... XD
  9. i see, so you spoiled a lot of the stuff in Higurashi. The story of the second season can't be spoiled so easily, so sure u are still in for some surprises.
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