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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. Did you get my PM?O-o
  2. ok.No problem.
    Happy 4th!!!
  3. i'll reply later tonight ok ^^. My family and i are going to go see fireworks. I hope u go see fireworks too >.>. Actually i hope u do fireworks ^^ i like playing with fire >.> it's fun.
  4. No problem.^^ It's always nice to make new friends.
    You were another great person i was willing to meet.
    And i'm glad i met you.^^
  5. Momo-chan, i haven't posted on your visitor message for a while >_> so i felt it was about time....yep T_T. I still remember >.>; your first message. You called me sir T_T; so polite. You are so funny ^^;. But im glad you message cause i met such a great friend from it lol.
  6. Oh my god!I love you.jk lol
    You're so nice!*hugs*
    I thought people hated listening to my
    And yes i do like Kingdom Hearts.I only
    have Kingdom Hearts Re-Coded.I'm stuck
    on a part when you have to take out Riku.>.<
    Do you play Kingdom Hearts?
  7. Nuuuu never heard of that T_T. But the song was nice ^^;. I need to look more into these things >_>;. But i never expected a middle schooler to T_T; be listening to some of these songs. You are one cool middle schooler ^^ lol. Feel free to give me songs anytime, i really like the ones you showed me lol. Btw, it seems u like kingdom hearts. Have you played all of them T_T.
  8. Have you heard of Punk Goes Pop...
    It's when some punk and rock bands sing pop songs
    in their own way! It's beautiful.
    Here's Woe Is Me with Last Friday Night.
    I hate Last Friday Night but this version is way better^^
  9. Vampire knights can be emo at times so u might like those part ^^;. I like zero since since i feel im kind of like him lol. So you dont like romance >.> lol. I dont blame you T_T.
    So they are a band ^^; wow i was way off. I need to listen to more music >_>;. I actually like rock music ^^;. I just haven't been listening to much of it in the past year. I like bands like Bullet for my Valentine, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, and things like that. This band seems nice too. And i can totally understand the music therapy thing. I started listening to rock because i got emo once and it made me feel better >.>; lol. It's nice how ^^; music can change your mood lol.
  10. Yesterday I went to my aunt's house for her birthday.
    Today my family is pretty tired so we're just gonna rest and
    stay home.Vampire Knight looks romantic and i'm not sure if
    i want to watch it>.>
    A Day To Remember is a band actually.They have great songs that
    help me feel like i fit in.It's like music therapy.^^Their songs are really
    beautiful.Here's the song All Signs Point To Lauderdale.They made this
    song encouraging kids to believe that they fit in.Even though kids hate
    going to school.p.s it's rock music and doesn't have any yelling in it^^

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