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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. Momo-chan is so mean >_>; i guess daily hugs dont mean anything to momo-chan anymore.
  2. You kept track. wow xD
  3. Oh >_>; momo-chan so totally forgot. This is like one hug T_T; while momo-chan owes me over a 100 lol.
  4. *daily hug*
    And you thought I'd forget >:3
  5. haha :3
    I love the Bioshock series!
    My little sisters are so cute.
    I was playing and my little sister
    said "Look daddy!Angels!" o__o
  6. Momo-chan i beat the first bioshock >.>; i played it in easy mode though T_T;. I started playing the second bioshock in hard mode o_o;. Yeah, i think im going to have to change to normal or easy haha :P im getting my butt kicked.
  7. Looks like someone is stealing momo-chan's man >.>;....
  8. It doesnt matter it's still a horrible idea. U can do what u want though. It is your life. Also I meant does your mom know you're dating him. Make sure she knows your dating him and that she at least approves of it.
  9. But I knew him since second grade.My ma even knows him too. ;-;
  10. sigh momo-chan are u dating someone? I hope u arent cause you're making a huge mistake. Does your mom even know about this. If u are u really need to break up with whoever it is. U dont understand love at all. That feeling that just pass by about that spain guy same applies to this guy. It might seem like it's so great but it's nothing more than some crush that will pass if u let it. Like i said u dont understand what love really is. I hope u break up before u really do something stupid that follows u all your life. Some fleeting emotion or whoever that guy is isnt worth it.
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