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Conversation Between redtear and Sizary Momo

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  1. Oh momo-chan, now you are just making random faces at me >.>....not very mannerful of you. If momo-chan keeps this up i might just sneak up one night and cut momo-chan's big fluffy mustache :P. Nono i think i will cut one half and leave the other half still there. That way people will stare at momo-chan all day and she won't know why lol.
  2. Is this face better?

  3. That face doesn't look like an accident~. I think momo-chan is trying to be a big meanie >_> lol xD.
  4. It was an accident.

  5. Soooo meannnnnnn, i think momo-chan is the one that needs to learn some manners lol.
  6. *pushes you* O-O

  7. Yeah i guess.
    Thanks Kushi. :3
  8. Yeah life can be harder for some people than others. It isn't fair but everyone has to be strong and stand strong if they want to get anywhere in the world. Hopefully going to school helps you. The best u can do is not let it get to u and clear your mind.
  9. I guess going to school and relaxing with my friends might help.
    I just wished i had a better life.But you get what you get. >.>
  10. Momo-chan just clear your head and maybe listen to music ok. There isn't much u can do now but try to feel better so dont worry and play a video game or whatever to feel better ok.
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