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Conversation Between redtear and Simphoni

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  1. Hey it's no problem. I just hope it turned out ok. Im never happy about my bdays T_T lol. I dont like getting older. I've been doing ok though. I've just been watching lots of anime really ^^. Other than that i havent done much. We've had so much snow to really do much lol.
  2. Thank you SOO much!! I really apreciate the Happy Birthday!!

    And how have you been during my HUGE absence!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. Yup!!! Its our Summer holiday. its only a month because we work on a 4term type thing!! But its still nice!!^^ Well. We're gonna go on a lil family vacation! And then after that! Try figure out some cosplay patterns.... work on MMD and UTAU.... Play some games and go to as many friends as possible!!!!XD
    I know right. especially when its school. its like, what did I do the entire Time!!!XD And I shall try to enjoy my days oh wise 1!!!!*said dramatically*

    I'm watching Eureka SeveN AO right now. But I've only seen 1 episode!!XD Chrono Crusade made me cry on the last episode!! And how sad was it when Azmaria sang to Satella when Satella was dying!! And it was so sad When Joshua didn't even remember Rosette but only as a character in his book!!!!! But it was a really good anime!!!XD

    I've only seen some episodes of Full Metal Alchemist!! But I love Chibi Edward Elric!!!^^ I really wanna watch Gurren Lagann..... Is it cool??
  5. OMG you get o_o an entire month off. You are sooooooooo luckyyyyyyy lol. What are you going to do ^^. Do you have any plans.
    And yes i know >.> vacations end soooooo fast and u just wonder what u did all that time when it's about to end. You better enjoy your days when u have them off T_T lol.

    Yesssssss someone other than me that likes Eureka Seven and Chrno Crusade ^^. The ending to Chrno Crusade was so sad T_T it made me cry lol. I also like Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist (both), Clannad, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and others lol.
  6. Thats good!!
    Awwwwww!! I know!! But i"m sure EVERY1 Wishes holidays were longer!!XD My schools out until January!! It went out a week ago!!!
    But January will come SUPER quick!!!!XC

    I'm doing alright actually!! I'm trying some cosplays!! But they keep failing!! XC
    And I really love these anime's in order of how much I like them!!!
    Eureka 7
    Chrono Crusade

    I know more!! But I really like these 1's!!
    And you?^^
  7. Hey, i'm doing alright ^^. My thanksgiving break just ended so a little bit down T_T i want more holidays ^^ lol. How are you doing? What are your favorite animes?
  8. Hi there~!!!!
    Nice metting you for the 1st time!!!!!^^
    And thanx for the friend request!!!!!

    How r u?
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