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Conversation Between redtear and tesaamari

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  1. hi, redtear
    hope you're doing fine
  2. Sorry for the super duper mega late reply
    Yeah, keeping pets costs a lot indeed, our dogs eat more than I do
    I live in a picturesque place.
    You really won't see buildings erected in our barangay and houses are not built side by side.
    Every home has its own yard filled with trees and flowers
    Here, you can see the Taal Lake & Volcano, and the Mount Makiling, too.
    You should visit my place to see how wonderful it is to live here haha
    Filipinos love living with the family, some even stay at the main house even after marriage and even after having kids.
    Some do so and keep on supporting the parents with the bills and younger siblings' schooling until the time comes when they are all financially stable to live on their own.
    But some are just parasites purely relying on their parents wealth for survival haha
    But as for me, I just can't live alone, I still think I am not old enough and I need mom to take care of me
  3. You can get pets for free here too ^^. They have a lot of stray pets from the pound and other places. But they're not really "free" :P. You still have to pay for their shots and take care of them properly ^^. And that takes money~ :P.
    Some people spend so much on buying a pet though lol. Like rich people always have those little dogs that cost a fortune xD.
    The place where you live sounds pretty beautiful! Do you have a lot of trees and nice nature there ^^.

    OMG failing to file tax return for someone doing is such a thing possible :P lol. Those tax returns aren't very fun though ;_; lol. I guess u guys have to go through the same painful process as we do here ^^.

    Haha I just asked cause it's common to live by yourself here when u're working :P. I'm sure u're a big help sharing your salary with your family ^^. It's a lot better than using it all up yourself! (like we do here >.>; lol).

    Sorry about replying really late ;_;.
  4. Ah well it's great u were able to solve it but seriously >.> don't be afraid to call the help desk and sound stupid. I've done that plenty of times xD. Who gets paid over time these days ;__;. I think this is why they have salary jobs lol :P. They make u work more and pay u less ^^.

    You're so quick to forget ;_; haha. You definitely talked to Jacob's Ladder. I never really read your comments though o_o. But im sure he must have tried to sweet talk you. He does this for literally EVERY girl he talks with xD.

    (I accidentally posted this comment on my own page xD)
  5. I've tried myanimelist before but I don't remember my account anymore, it's been years ago haha

    oh, my lil bro loves animals, especially dogs
    living at the countryside sure is nice, pets don't cost much here, some are even for free

    I don’t think the artist is a filipino
    it must be a foreign song

    there was a time when we failed to file the tax return on time (cause I am in the tax department) and we were penalized.
    it was shocking for me and I thought I would lose the job haha

    no, I still live with my mom and 2 siblings. I don't think I am independent enough to be living alone (and with my meager salary? lol)
  6. I've solved the problem already , so it's fine now
    I just spent an hour, I think, searching for the best solution, and that was "unpaid overtime" cause I'd rather not report it ,lol

    really? I don't remember Jacob's Ladder
    did he sweet talk me before? Lol
    I don't mind making friends with guys having perverted minds as long as they don't share me their thoughts hahaha but some perverts are sure so disgusting, I shouldn't keep my guard down
  7. Yeah im active here now mostly:
    I kind of like the website since u can make a list of all the anime and manga u've watched/read.

    Haha i don't know how he manages to take care of so many pets. U're lucky >_> u can just enjoy them without bearing any responsibility ;_;. Shouldn't u be the more responsible one :P haha. Is that a filipino song? How's your new job? Are u living by yourself now or still with your parents?
  8. Sorry about the late reply. I just saw your message yesterday ;_;. I doubt i would have been able to do anything about it anyway. It sounded like u needed admin rights to install it. Also each company has different ways u can install softwares ^^ so it would depend on how your company does things lol. I wouldn't worry about making yourself sound like in idiot to the IT team though xD. I've done that plenty of times >.>; and i think they get used to it haha.

    You do know Jacob's Ladder lol i saw you talk to him before by comments ^^. And no he isnt giving me headaches. He's just flirting with every girl on this site and a few of them my friends. Heck one of my friends was 14 years old and he was being perverted with her o_o when he was 28 and explaining how it's no big deal cause guys are perverts. It was pretty disgusting so i've warned a lot of my friends about him.
  9. Reply to your message :

    That's the same problem I have now, I don't see most of my old friends anymore

    I have no idea who Jacob's Ladder is.
    Is he giving you headaches?

    So you're more active in that forum?
    I used to stay in another forum, too, but I do not make posts hahaha
    I just sign in and look for updates
    But i don't go there much, anymore. (not much spare time)

    well, they are my brother's pets, he's the one taking care of them.
    what i do is play with them only or let them sleep on my lap
    the name really came from a song my lil bro loves singing, i think the title's Ladadi (not so sure)
    two of the puppies are named after the song lyrics, the other one is Ladadoo
    we don't own any cats, but there are cats in the neighborhood
  10. problem solved.
    nevermind my previous messages
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