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Conversation Between redtear and dango-chan

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  1. I guess u didnt have time to grow your hair out ;_;. At least u got free candy though >.>;. How does aoba's brother survive in the end when aoba broke him. Also >.>; he was all like if I dont die u won't be saved xD. Your friend only till episode 2 >_>; what blasphemy to all that is DMMd ;_; we must tie her up and make her sit through a day of it on repeat :P. Did your dad get internet yet?
  2. My dad and his girlfriend were going to go as Gomez and Morticia so I figured I would just match. ouo It was just a short haired Wednesday-
    I don't have her braidsssss QvQ I finished the DMMd anime, but I think my friend still hasn't really watched past the second episode. uvu She said it was okay from what she had seen, though.
  3. Haha Wednesday from Addams family xD. I havent seen them in a long time. What gave u that idea? Im surprised u even know the Addams family lol ;_;. Did your friend end up liking DMMd anime afterall? Did u get a chance to finish it? Lol maid Mizuki >.>; would be interesting.
  4. I'm good. It's okay, though. ouo Halloween was pretty good. I ended up going as Wednesday from the Addam's Family. uvu I think we're going to see if we can go to the next convention in January, though. And I should be going as a cat maid Mizuki with my friend who's going as a bunny maid Aoba. > v < I think I'll also see if she'll cosplay Makoto from Sweet Pool with me if I can cosplay Youji for it. X3
  5. Hey dango-chan, how are u doing. Sorry for being in MIA for 12 days ;_; last week i went to visit by parents so i couldn't come on. How did your Halloween go? Were you Yaoiji or did u end up going as someone else?
    Haha of course u would do doujinshi if u were better at drawing xD. I bet they would all be pretty S&M . I didn't know Levi x Pertra was a thing >.>; but it has to be yaoi thoughh. It sounds like Kaito likes to watch xD.
  6. I don't write fan fictions. If I was better at drawing I would probably do doujinshi, thoo. Sometimes I just do RPs for it. Of courseeee, Levi X Petra is the most canon pairing, soooo, yeh.. I dunno who else I would necessarily pair him with. Kaito just stalks everyone and calls them his Senpai. X'3 aha
    He's a shy little butt, so he doesn't usually talk to his Senpai's. uvu Oh, I'll be cosplaying Youji, though. I think I might also switch between Mavis from Hotel Transylvania and Mikasa, though. We usually get a good bit of candy, though. uvu
  7. Haha by butt did u mean to say a$$ ^^;. Well Yato x Kaito was bound to happen with you so it doesn't surprise me >.>;. Do you write fan faction about your pairings or do u just find people to role play with. Noooo Levi ;_; i guess he doesn't get along with many people >.>;. Who do u think he would work with other than eren (i just don't see levi x eren working ;_. That's really cool though ^^ i mean even if u can't understand every word, u can still "understand" by filling in the blanks ^^. Aw well that's sad, i know u guys have been having financial issues . Maybe u can cosplay as him in the next convention. How much candy do u normally get from trick or treating? I miss the days of free candy ;_; lol.
  8. I think it would work but I'm a butt and also paired Yato and Kaito together. uvu It seems like Levi wouldn't work with Izaya or Yato. <v< I can usually understand a good bit of things like drama CDs and sometimes visual novels already, only issue with visual novels is there's so much Kanji in them, but if I have the audio with it it helps. Like, there's some parts I know in Japanese but only how it's written or how it's pronounced. I don't know if I'll actually be able to get the Youji thing for Halloween, though. I might just throw something else together. uvu
  9. Izaya from drarara? I just dont see that pairing ;_;. I think Levi and izaya suit more ^^. Interesting how all 3 characters u like have the same seiyuu though. It's like he could be all 3 of them at once. I didnt know understanding raw anime would be so difficult ;_; lol. And dont worry about it. Like I said I couldnt come on so id feel bad if u did download it. All those hidden things u downloaded in his laptop xD. Did you get your Halloween cosplay yet?
  10. yeh. suddenly I started pairing Izaya and Yato together the other dayyy, they have the same seiyuu, Kamiya Hiroshi. > v < Their seiyuu is also Levi for Attack on Titan. My Japanese isn't that good, I don't have enough vocabulary to watch a whole series with no subs. And there's so many more sentence patterns and different forms and dialects to learn. I'm sorryyyy but I never even got to try to install osu! here eitherrrr. QvQ I forgot to. I have lots of stuff downloaded on my dad's PC so it's kinda hard to get bored. uvu I usually play with MMD the majority of the time I'm there, though.
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