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Conversation Between redtear and dango-chan

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  1. That's so confusing lol ;_; what do u mean by things dedicated to kaito not being for kaiko anymore.
    Have you been singing lately. Im trying to learn to sing but I suck T_T;. I heard u sing a little when we played OSU and u were good ^^. I would love to be that good ;_;.
  2. Kaiko just gives a reason for more things to not be considered Kaito. Like, in case you already thought Kaito didn't have enough things dedicated to him, not even these things are for Kaito anymore-
  3. How do u know Kaiko's personality ;_; she's just fan made right >.>; or did i miss out on Kaito convention when her personality was decided ^^. How is she annoying? Or maybe u favor Meito and Kaito cause Meito is a guy. We need to keep it yaoi . Haha for some reason when mentioned your brother's babysitter and him annoying u i thought of some creepy older dude trying to hit on u ;_;. I really hope he's not some creep. Has he tried hitting on u >.>;. That would be so messed up T_T;.
  4. but it isn't. I don't like Kaiko at all. She's annoying. This is why I pair Meito and Kaito together so I don't have to deal with her. But then everyone pairs her with Meito. I want to stay with my dad this weekend, though, I get a long weekend and I want to be at his house for it. uvu if I stay at my mom's I have to stay with my little brother's babysitter and he annoys me- <v<
    I am a male version of myself, yoooo >v>
  5. Lol at least with Kaito it's with a female version of himself ^^. That would be weird >.>; would u want to see a male version of yourself? lol. Nu that must be tough no Internet on the weekend ;_;. Just u and all that yaoi u >.>; u secretly have on your dad's computer xD.
  6. Selfcest is everywhere, thoo, though I only know of Aoba and Kaito that actually have it-
    All the different versions of Kaito from Project DIVA get shipped together somehow. I still trade off between my dad and my mom's house. I think I should be staying with my dad this weekend, though. ouo
  7. Is selfcest even possible >.>;. Since when did mizuki become one of your things lol. Are u still living with your mom because of the internet thing?
  8. It's called selfcest, yooooo-
    but I dunno what else to put hereeee-
    Mizuki is one of my favorite thingsssss-
  9. This whole sei and rei thing is so confusing ;_;. U are right it's one interesting combination xD incest and um is there a word for doing it with yourself xD. Yeah I saw that mizuki was all better also. Hurts the person's brain >.>; that sounds like brain damage lol jk :P.
  10. but it wasn't Sei that survived in the endddddd, Ren just took Sei's bodyyyyyy. We still don't have internet at home, though. uvu Although, when Aoba breaks people with Scrap, I think it just like hurts the person's brain, but usually they can heal from it, like Mizuki just had to be hospitalized, but then he was fine. Sei may or may noy have been the same way, though, since Ren was able to take his body over.
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