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Conversation Between AnimeFrost and symphofear

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  1. lol yea, probably just switching over different games =X. Bored with all the games after awhile!
  2. Hey Havent talked to you in a while lol you looked busy on steam playing dungeon fighters lol
  3. Lol cool!
  4. lol dun u play games? I'm so gonna open up those spoilt desktops at home and fix them next week!
  5. Pretty much the same. lol bored to death.
  6. Hi! i'm bored lol, just today and tomorrow and it would be end of my internship.! How about u? =X
  7. Hey! I havn't talked to you for a while Hows it Going!
  8. Lol I only saw the message at 11am +8gmt =x. So yea??
  9. Lol yeah i did but i didn't think you were sleeping ;__; srry for waking you up if i did
  10. Hey did u talked to me on steam? =X. Sry I was sleeping XD
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