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Conversation Between AnimeFrost and SpeaR

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  1. Bakuman manga ended but this is the 3rd season of the anime.
    Gintama is awesome and my #1 favorite anime.
    About to start reading some manga I need to read more manga
  2. Oh yeah! XD Gintama did Come BACK!!!! XD I got a new favorite! Theres a new one for Bakuman? i though it ended?
  3. My favorite this season at least from the ones I have seen is the new season of Gintama. 2nd Favorite is the new season of Bakuman.
  4. Ill try making a list on both as well. Whats your favorite anime this season?
  5. Yea your favorite this season. Have not seen Kaichou wa Maid Sama! but SAO is pretty good (Light Novel is way better).

    Well I use both and I use both because MAL doesn't really keep track of webtoons which I tend to read and mangaupdates shows when a new chapter is out and if I need to catch up to a manga.
  6. Yeah XD I love Anime and Manga! My most fave anime season? Kaichou wa Maid Sama! but Im starting to like Sword Art Online as much XD
    As for Manga list Where can i make one?
  7. Long time no seeing you . It has been really good finally got around to watching more anime and reading more manga.
    Any anime this season that you really like a lot? And nice manga list I wonder if you have one online?
  8. Hey SpeaR long time no see XD Hows it Going
  9. Do you have an animelist like from MAL?
  10. Hi! Thanks for recommending all those animes to me!
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