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Conversation Between Ryuu No Kage and tesaamari

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  1. young fella~
    you're so amazing!
    i'm so poor that i dunno how to play any instrument >,<
    well i used to play piano before but i never attended any formal lesson.
    i wanna learn how to play drums 'cause i think that's really cool
    i won't ask too much for now 'cause i'm a bit busy to answer you soon, but you can send me as much messages as you want. just don't expect to receive instant reply
    bye bye for now, i still hafta work on my assignments
  2. hmm first of all I am still a high school student i am gonna be 16 in august, I'm from South Africa and i am half Asian. My dad is Scottish and mom is Taiwanese
    I am studying Art, History , Biology and music. I have played the piano since i was 7 and guitar for a year or so now. I used to play the violin and flute. If you've got any more questions feel free to ask

    ~Ryuu no kage
  3. oh, you can ask me anything, i'll be sure to answer hehe
    but i'm not always online 'cause it's really hard to manage my time and i still have to study always you know

    boarding school eh?
    are you a high school or a college student already?
    from what country are you?
    where do you study?
    i wanna know a lot of things about you, too, if you would allow me
  4. he he hey tesaamari I thought it would be cool to add you as I really wanna gt to know the people here on AF. Anyways just pop up and say hi from time to time unfortunately i might not be able to be on AF for 3-4 or so months after the 17th of January because I will be going back to boarding school. I am sure i will be access the forums with my phone though. Well hope to chat soon

    ~Ryuu No Kage
  5. hi ryuu no kage
    i was so glad to receive a friendship request from ya that i decided to view yer profile and leave a visitor message here~
    but i'm quite in a hurry...
    might drop a longer message and have a talk wit ya later
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