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Conversation Between Lynx Tokai and Sizary Momo

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  1. love this other song!!!
    Marilyn Manson sure will
    creep me out at night....
    *listens to song*
  2. Knew you'd like it. haha. and yeah he is creepy lookin.
  3. awesome video!
    marilyn manson is
    a little creepy looking.
    even without his make-up.
  4. That particular song, I've heard millions of
    especially cause of this video
  5. this song isn't so bad..
    you might uh like it?
  6. I'm not really into Manson. not my style.
    I'm more a jpop, and classical myself.
    Call me crazy but I just can't listen to music that
    calls a woman out of her name.
  7. there was a car that
    exploded next to me.
    but it was a week ago.
    i'm getting out of the whole scared
    mood.but i scared myself listening to
    Marilyn Manson at night!
    what do you think of marilyn manson?
  8. Cool! i usually go to Borders and read manga there; but they closed so now i have to read online
    been a while since i read manga. I really miss it. Been too busy to read.
    why were you scared what happened?
  9. got a bleach and death note manga
    book for the first time!!!
    so happy.was scared yesterday though.
    but i think i almost got over it...
  10. doing great thanks for asking. Happy New Year to ya. How are you doing?
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