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Conversation Between Soruka and Matt~

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  1. Hey =) Kinda late with this but merry Christmas xD what did you get for Christmas?
  2. Dun worry xD it would look bad if all you girls grew taller than we guys >,> would look really bad if i danced with someone who was taller than me for example lmao
  3. Hahaha im not to sure how tall i am xD i think im about 5'3. I feel shorter than a lot of my friends though, cause they've all grown so much and i feel like im not growing at all D:
  4. xD Tho if i were to describe him i would say a bear or something kuz he's always sleeping on the floor (in school) but if u snatch his stuff (pen or whatever) your dead lmao
    btw how tall are you? =)
  5. Woah! Hes tall xD that must be fun though. I'd joke around and tell people he was my body guard if i were you xD
  6. ;P I guess, but i have a friend who has his birthday on Christmas but you cant really tell that he's only like 10 days older than me since he's like 185 cm or somethin....I'm only 167cm >.< yea I'm abit short lmao We're like good friends and we follow each other around alot so he ends up looking like my bodyguard xD
  7. Awww. That sucks D:
    But i guess that true haha. At least your birthday isnt, like, on Christmas day. THAT would suck xD
  8. Haha! Well it isn't that lucky xD since when my bday is coming up everyone is broke because they spent all their cash on Christmas gifts and fireworks -__-
  9. lucky! Im not turning 15 till' May :'(
    Haha well, i guess theres really no rush in growing up, though ^-^
  10. Hey whats up? ;P We're the same age :P Tho I'm turning 15 at the 3rd January =) Hope we get along
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