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Conversation Between Soruka and Sizary Momo

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  1. how have you been?

    have you joined this group on the forum?
    you can join groups by clicking the ''groups''
    button at the top.
  3. OhmiGod, i think i love you :')
    Lolol jk, but seriously. You sound super cool ^-^
    Jfcvgjtfr your taste in music. Is. WONDERFUL <3
    Hahaha i hope we can be friends
  4. let me introduce myself.
    favorite color:red,black,white
    favorite bands:30 seconds to mars,A day to remember,linkin park,and green day.We came as romans,my chemical romance,sleeping with sirens,and Of Men and Mice.
    type:Emo tomboy
    description:has never had first kiss...yet.emotional,
    anime artist,and i am going to be 13 in one month.feels lonely and
    different compared to everyone.
    Favorite song:The Kill by 30 seconds to mars.
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