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Conversation Between Aries and DragonSoul

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  1. No, it does make sense, considering Nintendo generally has most of its games aimed towards children, and therefore have pretty simple graphics and E-ratings. I myself like TP for the darker elements as well, but it doesn't mean I think any less of the previous games. They all have awesome gameplay if you ask me. I honestly can't think of a Zelda game that I've been disappointed in.
  2. Yeah much of the game is great but alot of ppl might want to see it more adultish or thats just me
  3. You think so? I personally think all of the games were meant for everyone, not just a specific age group, lol. Sure, the newer games (primarily Twilight Princess) has a more mature and dark scheme with the graphics, but overall I don't think the plotline or events were very mature at all. Even though a lot of the earlier games had somewhat underdeveloped or "childish" graphics, they still had quite a bit of mature themes. I mean, take the great fairy from OoT for example. Not very child-friendly if you ask me. xD
  4. Most of those games are just to keep the player happy or the fan cause they prob wanted the game to be more adultish as to kidish
  5. Yeah, I love the graphics and storyline for TP. I feel like it was based off of A Link to the Past though, what with the "world of light" and "world of darkness" and all that. TP, Link to the Past, and Ocarina of Time (of course) are my favorites I think. Wind Waker was pretty phenomenal too, despite the simple CEL shade graphics.
  6. Twilight Princess
  7. That's awesome. I've played all of them except for the Oracle games and Skyward Sword. I'm currently playing Minish Cap actually, lol. So which one would you say is your favorite?
  8. Yes i have and i have played quite a few to be honest im a fan.
  9. Cool. Yeah, a friend asked me to join, so here I am. So how many Zelda games have you played? I assume you've played Skyward Sword, judging from your background.
  10. Thanks beening here a year and a few months a profile will look like that lol
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