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Conversation Between Matt~ and Screwby

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  1. oh lmfao
  2. I didn't get banned from AF haha I just blocked myself from accessing it and the other forums I'm in so I can't procrastinate haha
  3. oh lol thats why u took so long to respond btw how come u got banned?
  4. Not much, just gave myself a 2 day ban from AF so I can finish coding my assignment. So good to be back hahahaha
  5. ah shame So Whats up?
  6. I play on the NA server. I'll see how the latency is towards Europe
  7. I mostly play Malphite as a main, but i also play Teemo Ezreal and I'm trying to get into Gragas
    Btw I play in Europe (West) where do you play? I'll add you if you play on west xD
  8. Just setting my computer up to install linux.

    Usually I play as Teemo, Fiddlesticks or Ahri. I tried Shen today and am liking his style. What about you? Add me on League - Panaromic
  9. So what's up?
    And what characters do you play on league?
  10. Sounds good
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