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Conversation Between Matt~ and Sizary Momo

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  1. Sup Matt.
  2. Hehehe
    So whats goin on in your life? :P
  3. I MISSED YOU!!!! *runs to you and tackles you down*
  4. no worries It's been good, you?
  5. oh hi!How was your day!?
    Sorry i forgot to message you
    for a while....
  6. Hai Wassup? Havent been on for a very long time =)
  7. well nearly all the snow melted away like a few days ago hoping for some snow before newyear
  8. You got snow!? All i get is
    stupid rain and cold weather.
    i want to go to flagstaff so i can
    at least see some snow.
  9. xD i dont hold my fireworks ;P i put em down in the snow =)
  10. no but once i bought fireworks on a stick.
    but i kinda got scared and dropped it.
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